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Pokemon pearl teams?

i gotta
salamance lvl 61
fly,dragon claw,brick break,stone edge

kyorge lvl 61
thunder,earthquake,ice beam,surf

polygon-z lvl 62
discharge,signal beam,tri-attack,psychic

gardevoir lvl 63
psychic,focus blast,thunderbolt,shadow ball

aggron lvl 65
earthquake,areal ace,thunder,iron head

infernape lvl 66
earthquake,grass knot,punishment,flamthrower

wat do think of my team plz rate


  • wow, good team, mines better though.
    I’ve got a Infernape lvl 78, Torterra lvl 72, Blastoise lvl 72, Raquaza lvl 79, and a Luxray lvl 68, I then have a free space for any other pokemon

  • Kool- but you won’t be able to admit legendarys into some of the competitions so you need another strong pokemon.

  • Yes nice team try changing a few attacks though like ariel ace and fly.
    Also change kyorge and maybe get a older pokemon from a previous game and level that up, people wont be expecting that.

  • Good team, replace Kyogre with a powerful, non legendary Pokemon.

    Legendaries are considered cheating.

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