Pokemon Heart Gold – Which pkmn is better to keep?

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I’m not sure who to keep in party. I can’t choose between Lapras and my red Gyrados. My Lapras can use both Ice and Water attacks whereas Gyrados could use Water and Dragon (I already have Latias to use Dragon/Psychic attacks though…) Should I keep Lapras instead?
Which one would you recommend?

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Keep Gyarados for offense, Lapras for defense. I’m an offensive guy so I’ll go with Gyarados


Yes keep the red gyarados..my red gyarados GRACY got me thru the ELITE 4

Dark Ray

I would suggest u to keep Lapras, since u already have a Latias. Moreover as u know the only good Dragon physical(Gyarados got high attack stat) that Gyarados can learn is Outrage(It won’t learn by leveling up or neither it is a TM).
Lapras is a good pokemon that learns Icebeam at level 32 (the best ice move) which will make ur fight against Lance easier. It also get stab from water and can also learn the Move Thunder bolt which allows u to counter most of the opponents.
Hope i Helped 🙂


you should keep gyrados,. you can easily get lapras from leafgreen


u should keep lapras with u..
because u have latias that can help with the elite 4..
n u can defeat elite 4 with ease~


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