Poem I just Wrote /Some Opinions Please?





How will it end -not with a bang, but only a wimper till the very end.
What Will I be inthe after life a butterfly, bird or bee. will i soar with my head held high
or fall and watch my life fly by.
Will god greet me at the pearly gates with open arms standing on marshmellow clouds or will he shrug and turn away and say “no your going to hell You agnostic Bi-polar Hag”
My Eye’s Shut away now im so sad god does not want me this boy this man this tired old hag.
Lost my own way with nowhere to go i went to the devil but all he said was to create my own personal hell
now im really lost rain did it fall now my body is cold. walking in purgatory where will i end up
certainly not a happy place maybe what the devil said my own personal hell.


  1. i think you need to work on your wording and imagery to give it a smoother feel. example:
    what will i be the life hereafter?
    an eagle, a dove, or a swan so i soar…
    or crawl with retched worms, to crave ever more.
    i dont know, just needs more flow

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