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'PM will not receive Dalai Lama in Downing St' ? Since when did the British PM become a Chinese puppet?

GB is so wet and totally not British. I want rid of him asap. Even the Conservative guy seems a better option at the minute.


  1. I agree that we should meet with the Dalai Lama and also offer friendship and peace to the Chinese people but I don’t agree that any politician is any better or worse than each other. Cameron is a political tart. He’ll say and do anything to please, look good, sound good but he will sell out the moment your vote is counted.
    Please don’t vote for ANY politician.

  2. If that is true then it’s disgusting. Perhaps the Prince of Wales could intervene as I be live he is a great respected of the Dalai lama

  3. It’s called diplomacy, you aim to keep everyone happy and keep yourself looking good to all sides. DL is not a Head of State, so he’ll get an audience at a different venue, keeping him and his supporters happy, whilst keeping the Chinese government happy into the bargain considering the amount of trade between the two countries.
    Sorry but that’s the way it goes, and FYI, (previous respondent) a vote for nobody is ridiculous, it’s worse than a protest vote.

  4. There is no reponse to Tibetan problems by most of the countries.Tibet was a free country till 1959.It had declared independance before 1949.China annexed Tibet with the consent of its neighbours.Even India did not raise its voice.Tibetan culture is different from Chinese culture.There are millions of Tibetan refugees all over the world.They are state less.Inside Tibet it is genocide by China.It is high time world should awake and create an atmosphere for safe return of tibetans to their home land.If not full freedom Tibetans should have limited autonomy under China.USA or UK did not intervene because there is no oil resorces in Tibet.India is afraid to raise voice against China.Human Rights activists are silent because Tibet will not give good publicity to them.

  5. they are all spine less. who ever! you vote in from the main three!! you have the same embarrassing fawning little worms. they are turning our country into a laughing stock. concerned only!! with feathering their own nests. i have completely lost hope for my country.


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