plz help me, I have a music final tommorow that covers mainly the baroque era, and I have a few questions,help?

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I have a few multiple choice questions on my study guide that I wasn’t sure what the answer is, please help me
25. This genre, intended for entrainment as well as spiritual edification, had a libretto based on stories from the Bible.
b.opera seria
c.chamber sonata
26. Why did Handel find the oratorio a financially viable alternative to composing operas?
a. eliminated expensive soloists, sets, and costumes
b. exploited the English love of choral music
c. appealed to the religious attitudes of Puritan and Methodist citizaens
d. all of the above
29. Which composition, commissioned as a public entertainment for the rich and powerful members of society, received such a warm reception upon its premiere that the king requested to hear it three times in one night?
a. The Messiah
b. Water Music
c. The Spring Concerto
d.Dido and Aenaes
e. Brandenburg Concerto No. 5
32. Terraced dynamics is the practice of suddenly shifting the volume of sound from one level to another
a. True
b. False
46. This composition provides an encyclopedic treatment of all known contrapuntal procedures
a. Magnus Liber Organi
b. Well-tempered Clavier
c. Art of the Fugue
d. The seasons
e. None of the above
50. The term for the primary melody of a fugue is the exposition
b. false
First of all this isn’t homework. Like I said it’s for the final that I have tomorrow.
It’s kind of sad though that it’s consider “naive” to ask for help. I was seriously in doubt here as my friend and I tried answering these questions. In fact, we both posted and he got a response where someone helped us with the answers.
We asked for help for 6 out of the 50 questions she gave, and you call that naive? This isn’t my first question, and I suggest if you don’t have anything useful to say than keep it to yourself. Assuming that you know just why I’m asking my question and then responding in a way that not only wastes my time but yours as well, that is naivety pal.
I understand where you’re coming from because there are a lot of people who just post for getting their homework completed. But we only posted after trying to look for the answers. We had educated guesses, but we wanted to make sure that our guesses were right because this is on the final.
@delicious manager
Give me a break. You have no idea what you’re talking about and now you’re making false accusations. Nemesis was able to constructively criticize what I said and that’s fine because I already defended my point.
You on the other hand are unreasonably insulting me. I suggest you do some research first and stop assuming, it makes you look even worse than you actually are. It’s not hand to track down ips with the email addresses provided. You need to stop going off nothing, and please use your time more productively than randomly accusing others. But than again, a low life like you probably doesn’t have anything better to do.
I am happy that you put your honor and academic honesty high; however, this is not being academically dishonest, nor is it an unfair advantage because she gave us the test questions saying this will look somewhat similar to the final. She said we could use the resources we have, we could even ask her for the answers. However, it was late and we doubted that she would have responded. This is why I posted here and my friend too. Thanks for your consideration though.


  1. I see from your profile that this is your first posting on this website. But even so, your naivete is hard to credit. You can’t really believe that anyone is going to do your homework for you?
    My response is to alert you to the fact that such questions for help are more frowned upon in this, the classical music category, probably more than any other.
    And to assist you to a degree; but only for the sake of future reference. So, consider yourself properly informed with respect to any future “homework” questions.
    “Wikipedia” is an online FREE encyclopedia:
    And “You Tube” has 1,000’s of FREE classical music videos one can listen to/watch:

  2. Just expanding a bit on Alberich’s already helpful proposals…
    I don’t give a fig about what is considered ‘done’ and ‘not done’ re ‘homework’ here, and I deplore the shouting down often pursued in the course of such ‘correctness’..
    But you have given us nothing to work with. I can *help* with suggesting ways to reason your way out of what is perplexing you, so you can apply that help and then use reason to answer the Qs at hand.
    You are seemingly left with Qs where only your absolute knowledge, one way or the other, will provide the answer. That, in honour and honesty, I *won’t* assist with, for it would falsify the result of the qualification you seek as the result of this test, and which your performance would prove and/or disprove.
    I wish you the very best,

  3. You don’t fool me. You have posted numerous ‘Please do my homework for me’ questions in this section under different IDs over the last week or so. We are not idiots, so please do not treat us like such.
    You are also very, VERY rude, as your abusive e-mails to me have proved (forwarded on to Y! to be dealt with if they see fit).
    I suggest you GO AWAY, stop being so LAZY and DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK. I warn you that there are some contributors so tired of lazy people like you that they deliberately post wrong answers in the hope you will copy them and make yourself look even more foolish than you already have.
    Other than that, you won’t find people here gullible enough to do you assignments for you.


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