plk why do i have many satanic marks and whatver?

my name has 3 parts 6 6 6 i was born oct 12 same as aleister crowley and in my chest i have marks that if you conect them they make a pentagram…sooo any answeres?

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your reading into things because you are a sad lonely disturbed little man

Subcommander Grapefruit

Well sorry to ruin your evil self-image but 616 is supposedly the real “Number of the Beast”, -not- 666. LOL

Trouser Trout

You need to hurl your own excrement at the wall. It is here you will find the answers you seek.


>>my name has 3 parts 6 6 6
So did Ronald Wilson Reagan. So what?


You’re the Antichrist?!
Seriously, I think that when you look for something you find it in ridiculous places (and start to form ideas in your mind).
My birthday is on April 20th. Same as Hitler’s. It doesn’t mean I’m going to be the next dictator (or that I’ll smoke marijuana). 😛


Reagan was the antiamerica, if not the antichrist. under him up became down, and right became wrong.


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some people say they are evil. has anything strange happened to anyone while or after playing with tarot cards?

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