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Please,I need a psychic, medium or clairvoyant. I lost my rent money. Who should i ask for help ?

I believe my boyfriend stole money from my purse. $100 dollars is missing. I know he did it, i just dont have any proof. Im upset because that money was for my rent and my rent is due in a couple of days. Who should I go to to ask for help ? Should I ask my grandmother ? a friend, my ex-boyfriend ,my brother? And will I be able to have my rent ready? Will the check that im waiting on come soon ?

My birthday is March 26,1982


  • Your immediate problem is you need $100 on short notice.
    Grandma doesn’t have it, she needs the money she has for something important. I see the brother being more helpful but expects a quick return of the loan and he will not speak about it again.

    Yes, your check come soon. 1-3. Sorry, not getting days, weeks months; just “soon” and “1-3”.

    Get rid of the boyfriend. Don’t even bother trying to get back all he has stolen from you. Consider giving your notice when you pay your rent. Don’t tell the boyfriend your plan but you move out and leave his sorry ass behind.

    Peace, Miss Zoe

  • You should just dump your boyfriend. How can you be with someone capable of stealing from you… That’s horrible.Don’t be upset because you have to pay the rent- be angry because your boyfriend doesn’t care about the trouble you could go through with the rent.

    Ask your granny for money. Nannas will always give it all for their grandkids. Tell her about the problem, too. Grannies always give advice from the heart and will want you to be happy and well.

  • He took it but has not spent it. Ask your grandmother if he doesnt give it to you after asking him once more. The check is not coming soon but expect it sometime at the end of winter.

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