please tell me about meditation to activate subconscious mind?

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tell me the process of meditation(in steps) to activate the subconscious mind

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Not quite sure what you mean by activating the subconscious mind – meditation is certainly thought to activate the power of the subconcious mind, but maybe I’m splitting hairs.
A good resource is

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unsure… meditation has many properties to it.
it also takes time and practise. proper meditation also, the correct breathing and correct mind set.
there’s also transcendental meditation which i like very much. watch out many are scamming you… you must be careful!
here’s a google search:
i’m unsure about most of these.. most want money and are geared to success….
it’s hard to find actual information without sifting through piles and piles of information online…
i suggest things like this:,%20relaxation,%20relax.htm
(if you want to get farther)
now on transcendental meditation so far the sites i’ve found (cept a few which i can’t find now) are bogus, the stories are unbelievable and they want money or it’s by someone who isn’t very trustworthy.
but start here.. and work your way up.
also the proper tools for a comfortable meditation is essential along with a proper diet.
i find a vegetarian diet is great with meditation… the more unclogged your body is.. the better.
but don’t starve ok… that just disrupts the process.
read up on thing about a proper vegetarian diet… eating well and having a healthy body sure VAMPS the body for meditation!
the proper tools.. meditation cushions and shawls.. things to keep you comfy so you aren’t distracted.
earplugs are a nice addition too.
having an open nose so you can breathe through it instead of your mouth is a nice addition.
so on.
proper lighting.. proper ventilation so on.
these sites and my information is all suggestions.. but good starts.
enjoy and i hope you are successful.
once you get going.. you’ll know what to do. and so on…
watch out for gimmicks, gadgets and programs that cost you anything that promise amazing results.. if it looks like a joke then it is.
OH and incense is a good way to set the mind to it’s journey…
this is where i get my stuff (all the sites i posted here is where i buy, research and so on)
but do what you are comfortable with.. don’t do it because i said it works for me.
tibetan incense is a breathable incense with few chemicals and irritants.
and counting beads are great for beginners when it comes to the practise of breathing techniques.. you want a nice mala? one that has an haunting scent to it?
(though most say it stinks, but i love the smell myself)
but any set of beads as a counting/breathing reference is good.
if you need such a tool.
a good sitting cushion is the zambuton and zafu combination.
helps keep the legs from cramping and making you lose concentration and suffer pains and injury from long term sitting.
you can get them anywhere. search for zafu – zambuton,+zabuton&spell=1 is also a good resource for tools.
sorry about the length of this answer.


The object is to quiet our incessant mind chatter. Pick an object of meditation. I use the ringing sound of silence sometimes. Listen to it, observe it. After a while it seems you “merge” with it. When thoughts come up, don’t worry. Try not to give them any energy, but gently bring yourself back to center. At first it is with effort. Then later it becomes effortless.
It requires regular practice. Best to do it every day, same time, same place. Start with a few minutes and let it grow by itself.
I recommend Patajali’s 8 steps. Here:
I also highly recommend the Monroe Institute at You will get much further much faster by attending one of its week-long classes in Virginia. But there are many classes if you look around.

David W

Meditation is not designed to activate the sub-conscious mind.
It is designed to quieten the conscious mind.
That is the first priority in any kind of meditation.
However, what happens as we get more advanced, into observing our thoughts, then the quitened conscious mind makes room for other things to happen, and many of the thoughts which spring up are rooted in the sub-conscious.
This is a lengthy process, and the best thing to do with any lengthy process is to taje one step at a time.
This is a good way to start, by teaching the mind to stop jumping around like a monkey.
This is a good one to teach our mind to concentrate, called the twenty-four second meditation. It involves picturing numbers made up of dots as shown on large digital displays. We commence by picturing the digits 24. When we can clearly visualise each dot which makes each of the two digits two and four, then we move to 23, and 22. The concentration on the dots helps to eliminate other thoughts from the mind, and with a little practice over a few days, we are able to move from 24 down through all the digits to 0. If another thought enters our mind during this process, then we must start again. This is why it takes a few days before we are able to succeed Once we can succeed then we are achieving an alpha state of mind, which is relaxed, and free of the linear thought process. This is the state of mind required for deep meditation, which we discuss later.


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