Please share your opinions on my situation…?

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Hello, my name is Ben and I recently turned 16 years old, and I am in fifth form / year 11 at High School.
Anyway, over the past year and a half, I have been incredibly interested in the concept of enlightenment, and so have been reading a lot about philosophy, psychology and basically anything concerning the nature of existence or thought, and how different thought processes occur and change.
Anyway, because of my immense interest in enlightenment over the past year, in my spare time I have been reading everything I can about different philosophical doctrines and ideas/theories, most notably Zen, (as well as lots of other types of Buddhism), Existentialism, Absurdism, and Idealism, though I have been reading other ideas and theories such as Solipsism, Epistemology, Ontology, and also Nondualism. I have also been reading a little about Nihilism as well but I try to not read too much into that as I find it is just a bit too negative for me.
However, through learning about such philosophies and agreeing and connecting with them (or believing that my mind connects with them, haha) I have recently become to regard certain things as more important, but also I have begun to disregard certain things, which other people around me have become concerned about.
Put simply, my priorities have changed.
I won’t go into detail about the things which I DO find more important now, but I will discuss the most major thing that I do not find important anymore.
After learning the things I have learnt about philosopy, the nature of thought, of existence etc I have begun to disregard my high school education. I just don’t really care anymore…
On the days when I’m at school, I find I have the strongest urge to just find a quiet, peaceful place and just sit and meditate and rid myself of thoughts.
I don’t mean that I disregard all education in general, as I have the strongest desire to attend university when I have the chance, I just mean that I don’t see the point in me putting much effort into high school anymore.
Please share your opinions on my situation.
I would appreciate it if you didn’t just tell me to FOCUS ON SCHOOL, but to actually provide a sincere, honest and preferably learned perspective about my new belief and attitude towards my high school education.
Thanks a lot
P.S. – My apologies if my question doesn’t make sense at times, or seems hard to understand in certain places, as I had to write this in a hurry and didn’t have time to fully check how well I expressed myself.
Again, thanks! =D

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Wei Jin

Me too! Personally, I find no point in going to school – you’re gonna die anyway. I am not going to tell you to focus on school, just go and do what you think is right, for this world is naught but a place where people are forced to do things. Glad you brought up this question, since it shows that you still have a sense of humanity in you, not like some robots…. Just trust your instincts. That’s what we were at first, until bloody evolution came in….


The message I get is that:
– you think you are great to be reading all these “ism”s at age 16 and feel proud
– you are looking for excuses to not study at school or justification for poor grades or non performance at school
– you are putting a safety clause that you wrote this “in a hurry”, when you had all the time in the world
Stop deceiving yourself and others. Grow up, take responsibility . Be self sufficient first and then talk all these high philosophies. And even then, stop talking about them, act on them quietly.
My opinion remains: BE YOUR AGE, HAVE FUN BUT ALSO FOCUS ON SCHOOL !! Stop depending on your parents for your day to day needs and go out and earn your upkeep and at the same time study so that as you grow into a full adult, you will have the ability to pursue your choices and become successful


It is natural. Reading those material would increase your IQ and you can easily to handle those teaching material in school for examination.
Just find a quiet place to think and keep silence during lesson.
You have to find out your way: a new way. Reading those material does actually create a lock on your mind, you need to release yourself from those historical knowledge.
As far as I know, enlightenment is more on art; you can use science to unlock it. Try to read more on science, especially Stephen Hawking. Or you can talk with your science teachers about science. Note: it was Art bringing out science.

Uncle Remus 54

I understand that feeling but finishing school first should be your highest priority. I mean what insight you gained was because you were in school not out of it. After you graduate and even if you need home to pursue this idea than do so. But my advice for now is while you are taken care of at home and by your parents. You should live as peaceably as possible by their rules and I know one priority for them is to see you finish your education.
Speaking as a parent.


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