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PLEASE READ!! Are my dreams, nights when I sleep without a peaceful mind caused by the stress of others?

Do we communicate our emotions through dreams? The next morning I woke up having Irritable Bowel Syndrome. That’s how much these negative emotions affected me. Can we sense the sadness distress of others when we are asleep. I don’t think my sister is o.k.
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I feel that I can feel if someone close to me is becoming depressed only when I am half awake and half asleep. The thought of suicide came into my head. Is my subconscious ok or are these the emotions of people in my family?
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  1. i can also feel it if someone who is close to me is in danger or in distress. but i think its not intution or the mental telepathy that they call but its the Holy Spirit telling me that, that person is in a bad/uncomfortable situation. All i did was wake up and pray for that certain person. God moves in an awesome and misterious ways that we cannot fathom.

  2. This is what I found online and am wondering if you might have this….. I hope this helps. I have added the website in the source list. Good luck!
    01) Waves of emotions.
    02) Alternate bursts of (a) mental energy producing associated physical energy (manic cycle) to (b) a complete loss of mental and physical energy (depression cycle) + EVERY HIGH HAS A LOW +
    03) The separation of emotion from self. Emotions work independently of self, they seem to be not my own.
    04) Fragmented thoughts, personality.
    05) Elation, Depression. Sometimes experienced separately, sometimes feeling both elation and depression at the same moment.
    06) Paranoia.
    07) Short term, Long term memory lost.
    08) Thoughts of suicide.
    09) Insecurity.
    10) 24 Hour day and night cycle disrupted.
    11) Over Eating during manic cycle. followed by starvation during depression cycle.
    12) Obsessive compulsive disorder. Checking things, like doors, windows, self, worry that I have lost things, forget things, repeat things over and over. MD causes self doubt and because the mind is so full of activity, there is always the thought that I will forget something, hence the reason to check, and re check.
    13) Mind Chatter. Thoughts and feelings chatter in mind independent of self. Words come into mind without reason. It’s possible to have conversations with this chatter, thinking that the noise, voice is a separate person.
    14) Burst of ideas, can achieve ANYTHING, creative stage. A positive time where my mind is bombarded by GREAT ideas and constructive thoughts. In this stage I can achieve anything, and often in this phase I can achieve things that I could never do in a normal stable mood. Sometimes these achievements leads to great things, I may for instance obtain a great new job, a new relationship, ANYTHING is possible. Achievements however leads to commitments of which I may not be able to maintain on a permanent basis during my down depressed days.
    15) Numb Brain. My brain actually feels numb, mostly after a manic cycle. I think the brain just turns off to protect itself from over loading, and to rest. My brain feels like when you go to the dentist and he injects your tooth before treatment, that kind of numbness.
    16) Feel like in a dream state. This stage again comes after a manic stage, mostly when I am starting to go down in the depressed state. This is a very strange stage indeed, where my mind never seems to wake fully. Its like the stage when you wake up in the morning and you are neither fully awake or asleep. This stage lasts for weeks sometimes, I feel I can float around and life really has no meaning at all.
    17) Confusion
    18) Hatred towards myself. A very dangerous stage where my body feels like rotten flesh. I can smell my flesh and feel like my body is rotting in front of my eyes. I wash and clean myself, but the problem is inside my mind, not my body at all.
    19) Lost in my mind, lost in millions of fragmented thoughts and emotions. My mind does not feel my own. I become lost in thoughts and emotions. I feel like a traveler who becomes lost in an unknown place. I panic trying to find familiar thoughts and feeling in my mind.
    20) Hatred toward myself. My body becomes alien to me. I see my body as rotten flesh and want to destroy it. I hate every part of myself and simply want to die.

  3. The problem is that everyone has their own opinion on this, even the “specialists”. I personally believe that we can get intuition about close friends and family. The fact that it comes when you are half asleep is normal because thats when you are relaxed and your mind is free. I dont know if it is psychic or just the picking up of subtal changes in someones body language or voice inflections that indicate stress, but I do know that I and most people I know have “felt” when something was wrong. example: my brother just up and left (not the first time) and one day I just felt like he was not ok. When he came back a few days later I found out that that day I was feeling like something was wrong he was being chased by the police for train jumping and almost ended up under the train. I would just give you sis a call, or better yet stop by. Just make sure she knows your there if she needs anything. Best of luck. Jen

  4. People who have IBS may be more sensitive to others emotions than people without IBS. You probably pick up on others’ emotions and allow it to get to you. Also, even happy, healthy people can get dragged down by depressed people. Why else would so many of them just bail out and give up helping depressed people? I know you can’t help a depressed person directly, but you can encourage them to seek help and do what you can to lighten their load while they are under stress.
    I think you may pick up clues about other people while you’re awake and then while your mind is relaxed it comes together as coherent thought. Then it seems you’ve communicated with them by telepathy, but really you just put it all together

  5. Dreams are your subconscious mind sorting out details that you ignored when you were awake. So, yes, stress in others can trigger dreams.

  6. I dont know why you posted this under parapsychology.
    Obviously you are worried about your family. This is not caused by any psychic phenemona.
    The ability to sense when loved ones are distressed is something natural. You are picking up on subtle clues like facial expressions, change of habits, or not grooming.
    Instead of contemplating rediculous notions of psychic phenomena, try talking to her and try finding out whats wrong. Maybe she has started using drugs, or has been depressed and needs someones help.
    If you are feeling depressed or suicidal, then you need to get help for yourself. You are just blaming other people for your own thoughts.

  7. Your emotions are all your own. Everyone, especially sympathetic and sensitive people, are influenced by the mood and condition of those around them. There is no reason to think there is some sort of psychic bond running between you and someone else.

  8. Yes, i believe we do express emotions through dreams, especially if we suppress them when our conscious mind is in control (i.e. when we’re awake).
    As for waking up the next morning with IBS, could be coincidence. OR, have you heard of a psychosomatic? (it’s a physical illness caused by emotions. Eg. Stress)
    I don’t think you’re sensing their distress when you’re asleep, i think you’re sensing them when you’re awake, but your mind is so busy that it only sinks in on a sub-conscious level.
    (Thats from a non-religion perspective, as a Christian, i would also put in the POSSIBILITY that it is God’s Spirit that is impressing upon your spirit that they are not ok)
    I also agree with the person(s) who said that often if we are around someone depressed we also can be dragged down. It is very common.
    A lot of people think about suicide, whether they are depressed or not. Sometimes out of depression, other times out of curiosity or just because of stress.. or many other reasons. I would not, necessarily say that is too related.
    Again, if these depressed and suicidal thoughts come when you are tired, or at night, etc.. then i would say there is a greater chance that they may be your thought, as when you are tired your conscious mind is in less control, and suppressed emotion/thoughts can come forth.
    This is my theory and experience. I am no specialist.

  9. well dreaming is never senceless. It can be a warning or it is suposed for you to expirience something in your drema so your real life will not suffer under it.


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