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Please rate my yu-gi-oh deck on 1-10 and tell me how i can improve it?

please give me details on how i can improve my deck thanks, i mostly have monsters.
monster cards, ojama yellow, ojama green, ojama black, mystical sheep#2, nanobreaker, millenium golem, 3-hump lacooda, pitch-black warwolf, black ptera, tenkabito shien, white ninja, gearfried the iron knight,barrier statue of the drought, the creator incarnate,maha vailo, fox fire, mystical elf, victory dragon, bitelon, guard dog, metal armored bug, guardian ceal, bokoichi the freightening car, master kyonshee, mudora, gravekeeper’s guard, D.D. crazy beast, gagagigo, saber beetle, raging flame sprite.
trap cards. grave lure, gust, shattered axe, shift, micro ray, gamble, spiritual wind art – miyabi, ojama trio, gift of the mystical elf, ray of hope.
spell cards. samsara, a legendary ocean, monster gate, soul release, system down, pigeonholding book of spells, ground callapse, buster rancher, impenetrable formation, wave motion cannon. well thats my deck please help me improve it and rate it 🙂
i’m actoully not fat im really active and i dont got pimples or any of that stuff :l
i just want one that will win battles and get me more cards from battles.


  1. One of the best decks for winning are burn decks, they stop the opponents from attacking and the burn decks rely on stopping them attacking and using their monsters to cause damage to the opponent. A good burn deck should be something like this:
    1 Lava Golem
    1 Reflect Bounder
    1 Solar Flare Dragon
    2 Des Koala
    1 Sangan
    2 Stealth Birds
    1 Marshmallon
    1 Spirit Reaper
    3 Giant Germ
    3 Penguin Soldier
    1 Morphing Jar
    1 Sword of Revealing Light
    1 Nobleman of Crossout
    2 Messenger of Peace
    1 Mask of the Accursed
    1 Pot of Avarice
    1 Lightning Vortex
    2 Wave-Motion Cannon
    1 Mystical Space Typhoon
    1 Level Limit-Area B
    1 Gravity Bind
    1 Mirror Force
    1 Just Desserts
    1 Destruction Ring
    2 Bottomless Trap Holes
    1 Nightmare Wheel
    1 Secret Barrel
    1 Ordeal of a Traveller
    2 Judgement of Anubis
    1 Dimension Wall
    1 Torrential Tribute
    1 Ceasefire
    This deck is good for alot of reasons, it easily stops the opponents attacking and stops them using Heavy Storm and Mystical Space Typhoon with the Judgement of Anubis AND it destroys their monster AND they take dmg equal to the ATK points of the monster. I have not even lost once with this deck and have faced decks such as E-Hero and Cyber Dragon (when it wasn’t semi-limited) and havent lost.

  2. ——–600000/10 Minus F Mate
    That is the worst deck i have seen Yet….
    Whats the theme of it??
    Weres the stratergy???
    Making a deck isnt just getting 40 cards from a box and saying its a deck you need to Get a theme Like
    I use Reptile and havent lost a duel yet
    So you should Think of a theme Buy lots of booster packs for good Spell cards and also get spell cards that can stick up for your monster also there is a card called Gift Card
    now its effect is your opponents life points increase by 3000
    but thats not a bad thing becasue theres cards like Megamorph were your life points need to be lower than your opponents Example:
    You: 5000 LP
    Me: 3000 LP
    So you need to play megamorph on a card with monster that has 1500 ATK that is on your side of the field.
    Megamorph doubles that monsters attack.
    But your life points must be lower than your opponents.
    Use Gift Card 3000 Bonus LP to me
    You: 5000 LP
    Me: 6000 LP
    Your Monster Before: 1500
    Your Monster Now: 3000
    Me: 3000 LP
    You: On your road to sucess in the duel!!!
    Good luck and Post yopur updated deck soon :]

  3. In an actual attempt to help, I won’t be cruel and tell you to get a life. I would rate it 1/10 unfortunately, that’s just got no strategy whatsoever and I don’t even know if it actually works for you. I mean, kudos if it does.
    Victory Dragon is unallowed in tournaments on a side note.
    Okay. Well, what I would suggest is looking for a certain type of deck, or seeking out various cards in packs. Here is a nice site where you can really look into it.
    It looks like you have a few good monsters lying around in there. Raging Flame Sprite is nice, so is your Bitelon and Saber Beetle. What I would reccomend is to buy one of the structure decks. I reccomend a Fury from the Deep, it is very strategically based and can really work out for rookies. I found it to be quite formidable against my friends. Don’t try any tournaments until your sure you can win though. Hobby leagues are okay though. So yeah, good luck with that mate.
    And that Wave-Motion cannon. Sweet as. Never get rid of that. In fact. You should probably shove that in any deck you get. I mean. Wow. It’s a nasty bugger if I ever did see one.

  4. Ok i’ll be constructive. 1st of all scrap the whole deck list so far. there isn’t a card in there that is worth playing in any deck i can think of. Second of all, next time you post a list do it like this. makes it easier.
    Here are two examples of good decks that i have made. i’ll also put a couple of hints on the deck.
    Monsters 20
    Rainbow dragon x1
    Crystal beast Sapphire Pegasus x3
    Crystal beast Ruby Carbuncle x2
    Crystal beast Topaz Tiger x2
    Crystal beast emerald Tortoise x2
    Crystal beast Amber Mammoth x2
    Crystal beast Amythest Cat x2
    Crystal beast Cobalt Eagle x2
    Crystal seer x3
    Marshmallon x1
    Spell 14
    Ancient city-Rainbow Ruins x2
    Crystal Blessing x3
    Crystal Beacon x2
    Crystal Abundance x1
    Crystal Release x1
    Rare Value x1
    Fissure x1
    Smashing Ground x1
    Terraforming x2
    Traps 6
    Crystal Raigeki x2
    Crystal Pair x2
    Torrential Tribute x1
    Mirror Force x1
    This is my Favourite deck that works very very well. Follow the deck list exactly and it’ll do very well. You’ll have to reead the deck over a lot to understand the theme but if u play it right it’ amazing.
    Bladedge x1
    Necroshade x1
    Neos x1
    Stratos x1
    Clayman x1
    Avian x1
    Wildheart x1
    Burstinatrix x1
    Sparkman x1
    Bubbleman x1
    King of the Swamp x3
    Wroughtweiler x2
    D.D warrior Lady x1
    D.D Assailant x1
    Marshmallon x1
    spirit reaper x1
    1 more monster, cant think what it is.
    Spell: 17
    Polymerisation x3
    Miracle Fusion x2
    Emergency Call x3
    Reinforcement of the Army x2
    Righteous Justice x2
    Future Fusion x1
    Scapegoat x1
    Heavy Storm x1
    Monster Reborn x1
    Fusion Weapon x1
    Traps: 3
    Torrential Tribute x1
    Mirror Force x1
    Magic Cylinder x1
    ALL THE FUSIONS there is a lot of them
    I think it’s pure geneous to run only 1 of each E-hero. they’re so easily searched out anyway. personally thinking about it, if you have ALL and i mean ALL the fusions to this deck then just stick with it. it has the potential to do VERY well.
    If you doubt these decks at all copy and paste them and ask another Q asking what others think of these decks. i got feedback myself and the ratings were high. Hope this helps.

  5. okay, the others are right, this deck is going no where. but, i can tell that you customized this right? okay, take out the barrier statue guy, and add in a penguin soldier or something. buying structure decks are also very useful.
    this is going to sound a little corny, but if you customized your deck by yourself, believe in yourself and just play out there. you’ll kick butt!


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