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Please rate my Yu-Gi-Oh! deck , I have been playign for a long time and I want to know where I stand ?

I might get back into the whole tournament scene, but is my E-hero deck good enough , I’m not using neo-spacians becasue they don’t work well with E-heros. Please be honest in rating my deck from 1/10.
Monsters (19)
E-hero bladedge
command knight
E-hero Avian x2
E-hero bustinatrix x2
E-hero clayman x2
warriror lady of the wasteland
E-Hero bubbleman x2
E-hero sparkman x2
E-hero wildheart x2
Karate Man
Avalaunching Aussa
E-hero Neo Bubbleman
Maruading captin
Traps (11)
hero signal
negate attack
hero spirit
change of hero-reflection ray
hero barrier
spiritual water art-aoi
hero ring
clay charge
feather wind
edge hammer
R-righteous justice
cyclone bommerang
fusion gate
axe of despair
polmeization x2
spark blaster
miracle fusion
emergency provisions
monster reincarnation
cost down
fusion sage
bubble blaster
H-heated heart
hero flash
E-emergency call
E-hero shining flare wingman
E-hero flame wingman
E-hero phoenix enforcer
E-hero shining phoenix enforcer
E-hero tempest
E-hero wild wingman
E-hero electrum
E-hero mudballman
E-hero wildedge
E-hero rampart blaster
E-hero mariner
E-hero thundergiant
E-hero steam healer
And that’s my Yu-Gi-oh! deck, now I’m 15 and I might get back into the tournaments but is my deck good enough to win on any level ? If not please tell me why and what I can do to fix it. Again please be honest becasue I will only give the honest one a besst answer, and I said honest not mean.


  1. e-hero’s arent the best way to go if u wanna get into a tournament i suggest buildin a cheap tomato deck and then work ur way up to a stronger deck like monarchs check metagame.com for decklists

  2. i don’t know much about e-hero so i should’nt rate the deck
    but my experience told me that e-hero isn’t competitive enough in today’s yugioh play-style (better known as metagame)
    anyway, the deck is very interesting to play with

  3. Well now… Honestly, I highly suggest getting back into the tourney scene. The mechanics of this game have changed a lot. E-Hero’s are mad fun to play. I’m not really familiar with them, but anyways here’s a few quick changes to your trap line-up.
    Traps: 8 (Possibly 9)
    3x Justi-Break
    3x Sakuretsu Armor
    1x Torrential Tribute
    1x Ring of Destruction
    (If you’ve got the money)
    1x Mirror Force
    As for your spells
    Take these out:
    – Cyclone Boomerang
    – Axe of Despair
    – Emergency Provisions
    – Spark Blaster
    – Bubble Blaster
    This will drop your count to 43 I believe….
    It’s a decent deck. You might wanna look at some other E-hero decks for more ideas.


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