Home Discussion Forum please please pleeeeeeeeeease answer, does telepathy really work, in this case?

please please pleeeeeeeeeease answer, does telepathy really work, in this case?

if i think of someone a lot, do they get to feel anything? will they think back of us too?
i think of this lady im in love with almost 24/7. but i have never confessed my feelings to her.
i dream of her every night and there is nothing i do without her in my mind..
actually yesterday i was think of her a lot and i got an unexpected call from her mother accidentally
so does she feel anything? does telepathy or anything like that work?.


  1. There is something called Noetics. It’s a so-called, not really formally established science that deals with the mind being able to act upon real matter. They also study things that are spiritual. For instance, there was a study about a dying man-given to these scientists for experimentation, placed on a scale that was accurate to 1/10th of a pound (not sure if that is right) and when the man died, he became suddenly lighter in weight. What this was was that the scientists were studying the weight of the human soul. It’s interesting to think about: you can google it.

  2. There’s absolutely no scientific basis for telepathy.
    There’s actually a million dollar prize for anyone who can prove that any sort of supernatural or psychic phenomena exists (such as telepathy or telekinesis). No one has ever been able to.
    You thought of her and got a call from her mother, yet by your own admission you think about her “24/7”, so the number of times you were thinking of her and nothing at all happened vastly outnumber the one time when you got a phone call from someone connected to her. What you’re experiencing is “confirmation bias.” You’re ignoring data that contradicts an idea you like and only paying attention to data or events that support your idea, in this case the notion that your thoughts are somehow being perceived by another person.


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