Home Discussion Forum Please interpret my awesome dream!!?

Please interpret my awesome dream!!?

In my dream first some astronomist said that I was special in some way and was going to travel to some star or star system with a number 611 and it began with an H. I just reaserched it and I think it was Hyadum I aslo known as Gamma Tauri. He emphasised this was a once in a life time event that was going to take place and I was going to be there. That night a red spacehip like bus appeared in front of my house and I knew it came for me. Although it looked phisical it was more of an etheric matter. Inside there was my biology teacher and other friends from school. The there was no driver and no seats, it was red inside with a carpeted floor and a big “glass” pannel. Every one was excited about this once in a lifetime event and someone said that the 3 wise kings were going to be there. I smshed my head to the wall to see if ths was a dream but it hurt. Then we blasted of everyone and the ride was very smooth. As we flew around my town we went the star. I never knew what event was.


  1. I think you did enjoy this dream, so please dream on.
    Just dream on and be happy.
    1. Dream as a rule do not have meaning, but people fantasize in their dream to some extent.
    2. Lot of people recollect certain event exactly.
    3. Some recollect the event wit certain favorable or unfavorable twist.
    4. Most people dream all the time when they are sleeping it is actually a must, but very few dreams are remembered by the people.

  2. The number 611 and the letter H is very important in your dream ; its like after a period of indecision you will choose a profession in which you will have success


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