please help where can I get tarot cards in India?

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I tried a lot of places but got no where.please help.

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ravinder k

In any metropolitian city, from some book store
You can try from a book fair also.


You can get Tarot cards on Amazon if that’d be easier, too.


Go on line….you can find anything there.

Dr. Green Thumb

I was in New Dheli a couple years back living in a monistary, and I dont think that I saw any. I dont think that you are able to get them in certain places. In India the majority of the people all have the same beliefs, and the tarot is not included in that belief system. I am sure that there are places that you can. Try to take in everything wile your there, and you wont need the tarot for a guide


My friend brought a set from a shopping mall. If you live in a big city or metropolitan then you can find them very easily, or you can order on line.
visit to see the different types of tarots available or to make an order or to contact them(so that you can ask about their company branches).
But you can’t read the tarots only by having a set you need to understand what each card stands for so buy some books on tarot interpretations. OR visit tarot) they will give free readings.


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