Home Discussion Forum Please Help! This is a very very serious question!?

Please Help! This is a very very serious question!?

This question is really for one of my contacts (Karma Police) She had this same problem but I can’t contact her through instant message or email to find out if she still has this problem. Anyone can answer though with experience. I bathe twice a day but after about a half hour or hour after my shower, i can smell my vagina like it hasn’t been washed! Also, when I urinate and wipe my vagina, i notice this discharge that looks like dirt and grease and it smells. it is not clear or yellow or green like a yeast infection. it is dark like dirt. i have been to the doctor about the smell but they say that there is no smell. now i have to find out what is going on with this dirt and grease looking stuff. i bathe all the time. what the hell is this coming out of me and why is it coming out of me? why does it smell like rotting eggs? please help. i am getting married on Monday and I don’t want to be embarrassed around my friends and family if when they smell what i’ve been smelling.


  1. something that looks like dirt and grease is a problem. Sounds like it could possibly be old blood coming out. If it is and it is taking a while to come to the outside, it could be causing the smell. Are you on BC or any other kind of hormonal med? I’d go back and see the Dr. make sure they take a swab of the discharge and look at it under the microscope to see if it’s some kind of infection. Good luck!

  2. its probably all in your head. i am always smelling myself but my boyfriend says he does not smell anything(we are really close). As far as the discharge it may just be your discharge color. Especially if the doctor says there’s nothing wrong with you. try using a fragrant spray for your underwear. Like something for that area, vagisil?maybe. OR try using a stronger body wash to cover the odor you think you smell. that’s what I do.

  3. You may be expelling old menstal blood. Try using a douch. Don’t use the scented one’s like baby powder. The plain vinegar and water is best. Do it once today, and again on Sunday. You should be ready for your wedding night by then. If not, go back to your doctor after Christmas for a full evaluation. Try to get a sample if you can.

  4. Go to the doctor, but if he said he cant smell the there is no smell. You might smell it more that others since its your smell. Ive had that before but no one else seems to notice the smell.


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