Home Discussion Forum Please help me!!!How do i banish an incubus or incubi?

Please help me!!!How do i banish an incubus or incubi?

I used to talk to demons aka incubi alot when i was a kid.they’d visit my room but would never hurt me.i got older and they started hurting me so i stoped talking to them.they left but now they’re back.how do i banish them? 🙁

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  1. Incubi and demons in general aren’t even the same. And since I don’t believe in male demons who want to have ‘sexy time’ with you I wouldn’t know how to banish them other than some strong anti-psychotics.

  2. u should be able to just tell him to leave…but that does not always work…tell him “i banish u in the name of the light and all that is bright”
    also keep in mind that if u invited him in…u did say u been talking to them….then u will not be able to banish them…once they have permission u cant stop them with a littli ole banishing incantation….u will need someone quite powerfull…
    i have done this 2 times on 2 different inccubi….but pls remeber that not all inccubi r bad and they r not demons…they can be loveing careing people just like u and me…
    pls feel free to message me

    • stephine, I have a friend she is 15 and an icucbus has been following her since she was 10 she has bruises on her legs n she says it will hurt anyone who trys to help her. she di not invite it or give it permission shes scared crapless and she needs help shes getting really sick please help eave me a msg at matmycat@yahoo.com

  3. Well, if this is a true condtion…you’re going to need someone like
    an experienced Ceremonial Magickian or High Priest of a Wiccan
    style church.
    You can “google” Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (HGOGD) or
    Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO). HP/HPx might be found at
    And be prepared to reimburse the person performing the exorcism
    for their time, effort, and travel expense.

  4. Pray to Jesus Christ of Nazareth for your salvation and ask him to enter into your heart and forgive your sins, read the New Testament, find a normal church with genuine Christians in it and there you will learn how to keep satanic forces at bay. In the meantime, pray to Jesus for your soul’s safety and to protect you.
    Please don’t be tempted to venture into any of the black magic that some of these respondents are suggesting. It will only make things worse and get you in deeper. Get out of all that stuff and fill your mind with the light of Christ and it will get better, but you must stop accepting these visitations, find God and oppose them as they are from the dark side and are trying to take you with them.
    There is also the possibility that these are not really spirits, but people who are and have been abusing you but you have learnt to believe they are spirits as it is easier to deal with than the truth. I would also venture to my doctor to ask his/her professional advice.
    Christ be with you.

    • Seriously dude? Don’t speak of things you’re ignorant of. Take your Biblical bullshit and take it to someone who cares. The Bible doesn’t work SHIT when it comes to demons and all it does is spread prejudice and ignorance!

    • Your answer will do nothing except anger the demon and make is more aggressive. You obviously have never met a demon firsthand. I can tell you from from experience that you are suggesting something that will get someone hurt or worse.

  5. I would kinda do what birdinflight would say, but not the whole lot. What I would do would be go through your house, and burn/scatter herbs for protection and purification in each room. Then while spraying holy water, you could mutter a banishment chant, or, Possibly more effective, read scriptures of protection, or redemption, or a story of Jesus banishing demons. then when your done sweep all the negitive energy out your door, along with the herbs if you scattered them, then reinvoke your threshold.
    Demons don’t like things of Jesus, Christanity, and Light, because they forsook these things after they fell from Purity. They shun these things because they are not of them in the slightest, though of course some, may be strong enough to resist them to a point. If after you do this and the Incubus is still around, try it again, but this time, thrust your will against it, if your will is strong enough you’ll be able to amplify the effects of the foci, your using, and you’ll be able to rid yourself of them.
    If not, then you’ll need someone else there to help you to further the power of the ritual, if they align themselves with the light side of the spirit element all the better, but that doesn’t mean they, or you for that matter, have to use the light. Nature is both light and dark and therefore so is magick. If you channel dark energies easier then light energies thats fine just focus on purification and protection.
    Sorry I kinda ranted about this, but another friend of mine has an incubus stalking her, and so… I guess I just wanted to make sure you understood.


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