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Please help me Understand the rates for past life regression hynosis, and physchics/mediums???

Okay, from the perspective of a regular person (myself) I cant understand howcome past life regression therapists, and phychics feel the need to charge SO much! I mean $100 for 30 minutes, isnt that a bit ridiculous. There is no insurance for these things. WHy does it seem that everyone with an end all be all cure, wants to charge out the Butt for it? I dont doubt that what these individuals have to offer is a unique and healin service, but the cost is too much. I mean who the funk makes $100 an hour in the real world? Are these people really that greedy, or am I overlooking something. I would love some insight


  1. My take on it,,,,they are not real…..
    if you truly have a gift,,,,you may charge to make a living but come on,,,,,look at the famous ones.
    If they are real, they are good and would m,ake a very good living just on donations.

  2. First, I think high rates would be necessary because there are not that many gullible people. Second, I would imagine that it weeds out all the people who would do it out of curiosity and only leave “true believers”. Third, the practitioners probably believe high rates lend credibility to their credentials. I mean, if they couldn’t regress you to a past life, would they ask such high prices? Really! Take it from someone who turned water into gasoline in a past life, but can’t remember how he did it.

  3. $100/30 minutes, more akin to $200/hour.
    Who makes that kind of money? Physicians, psychologists, and numerous other professions.
    What you have stumbled upon happens to be the equivelant of a concealed mega-industry. Foremost, most are not adept to discover true lineage in terms of past life or related junctures despite variant hypothesis. Not that some psychics or so-called therapists can not convince someone otherwise, else arrive at any relevant discovery. But fact is that involved endure psychologists sometimes, psychiatrists to some extent, psychics and similar mediums… Mostly physicians and psychologists may merely seek to treat symptomology akin to confusion, anxiety, depression, even routine curiosity. The psychics on the other hand may help to alleviate certain stress, as through convincing ability to scry, perceive and determine, and offer some assurance of an allie concerned.
    True “pathfinders” as “spirit walkers” or “spirit guides” do not typically profess distinct psychometry or related science, yet do exhibit intrinsic abilities relevant to discovery. Yet again, the primary concern being one of complete accuracy in this case relevant to esp. “juncture” (intersection wherefrom life altered, evolved). Such pathfinders typically do not advertise services nor hold sessions as a psychologist or psychic medium. Simply if they embrace enterprise it is foremost unbeknownst to most, with some exceptions. Some are regarded as if actual guardian angels less any religion known. At least by client/recipient of their assistance.
    Concerning perception of excess salaries, ask leadership and industry to make efforts towards a not mere stable economy, but also escape from unnecessary inflation and substantial economic inequality. Good luck attempting to discover such regard.

  4. I would like it better if they charged even more. Then, the people who have nothing better to do with their time and money would be the only ones paying these charlatans.
    If I had a psychic gift that would help, I wouldn’t charge for my time.
    I don’t believe in past lives at all. There could be genetic memory, just as talents are passed down.
    You have got your present life to sort out. There should be enough there to keep you interested.
    I know that my life is a mess. I would hate to know that I was a beautiful princess with a full life and everything I could want and still I came back again, for this. Depressing, that! C. :)!!


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