Home Discussion Forum please help me understand quantum physics?

please help me understand quantum physics?

i tried reading about this stuff but im not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer. how can worm holes be possible? i’ve read the “folded sheet of paper” explanation, but how can you fold space? its not flat like a piece of paper! and what are paralell universes? how could you travel through time by travelling faster than light? how is that possible? which direction would you have to travel to go to the past? will someone please break this down to the D- level for me?


  1. Think of it this way:
    Say I was a two dimensional being, living in a world that was like a large sheet of paper. In front of me is a straight line, drawn across the paper, and extending indefinitely to either side.
    My only way past the line would be to turn in either direction, and travel along the line until I met one end; then I could go around it.
    If I were a three dimensional being however; I could simply step over the line, by moving upwards through the third dimension. The line wouldn’t be any shorter; I would simply have ‘sidestepped over it, by travelling through an extra dimension, unavailable to a two dimensional being.
    Wormholes would act in a similar way; by sidestepping the limits of three dimensions. In effect; they are analogous to travel through the fourth dimension.

  2. The questions you have are resolved within the blending of the theory of ‘General Relativity’ and of Quantum Physics. Quantum Physics deals mainly with the properties of electromagnetic radiation (i.e. light) on the atomic level. So, regarding some of your questions:
    1) Worm Holes and the “folded sheet of paper” theory involve the shape of space-time, as hypothesized by some of today’s theoretical physicists in regards to General Relativity and current Astronomy, but have NOT been proved!
    2) The hypothesis (again, NOT proved yet) of parallel universes comes from a blending of Quantum physics and General Relativity. If they do exist, we do not have a way of being aware of them and probably could never be, as it would violate fundamental physical properties of matter and space-time. Most notably, since nothing can travel faster than the speed of light (a theory that basically HAS been proved by experiments over the last 60 years), nothing can go ‘back in time’ and nothing could travel to parallel universes.
    3) However, worm-holes, if they do exist, would allow something to bypass a piece of space, giving the perception of traveling faster than the speed of light to someone on the other side of the worm-hole, but in reality not ‘breaking the rule’. This may be possible because of the nature of “space-time” – space and time are part of the same physical properties and are not separate, as we perceive them as human beings. (Sub-atomic particles, such as electrons, protons, neutrons, as well as X-Rays, Gama-Rays see space and time as intertwined, as if part of the same property of the physical world.) Therefore, sub-atomic particles would probably be able to travel through worm-holes, but it is doubtful that any other material on the atomic level would be able to.
    It’s too difficult to try and explain on a simple level – if it were, it would be taught to high school students!


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