Please help me i got serious girl problems… karma will repay you?

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Ok so i like this girl sooo much and i’ve dated her 1 month (only been out on 2 dates) yes, its pathetic but i seriously feel like ****. I asked her out to homecomming yesterday and she told me she would think about it and said no today. she is a great girl as bad as that may sound. my lack of detail makes it sound like she just dumped me but i am going to homecomming with her ‘just as friends’ in 2 weeks and i honestly do not know what to do/
I dont know how to keep on talking to her to try to keep something going and another guy stealing her away or something. I can never get a girlfriend every single time this happens i miserably fail… i dont know what it is. im pretty confident, im 6 foot tall, im rather handsome, im 17, my family has a lot of $ and i treat the girls like royalty. but at the end all the good guys like me get squeezed like a limon and thrown away. please i need some comfort… :'(
Please don’t tell me to just let her go because if you have been where I am you know its not that simple. I like this girl a lot. What can I do during the just friends ‘date’ to try to fix myself? Im just asking you all because I don’t have anyone in my house I can talk to or my friends they don’t understand I need adult help. Some one with more wisdom than me and has a clearer view on life.
Im a junior in HS and I honestly don’t know why?! Im persistent I take care of girls I go out with, I pamper them and I talk to them a lot. Please help me

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Trish JPA and Jewish Pastafarian

Anybody who says, “I’ll think about it” is waiting for somebody “better” to come along and ask her out; that kind of person isn’t worth your time. YOU can do better.
Find someone who’s not waiting for that better offer; it’s NOT an eBay auction, and you shouldn’t have to bid.

Ms. Taurus ¤Blackhoof Buccaneer¤

I already made with the answering of this. Find new material.

Fred Johnson

The best thing you can do is act like you don’t care. You are not a challenge anymore, if you seem uninterested it drives them nuts. I know I’m 34 years old been there done it. I was always the nice guy to but we do finish last. Girls want a challenge and they also for some reason like men that treat them like crap. I’m not condoning treating them like crap in any way please don’t get me wrong. Just saying try to not show your emotions so much.


Fred is not wrong.
First, your obviously way (no – WAAAAYYYY) too hung up on this girl. She has undoubtedly picked up on that. When you are far more “possessive” than the girl, the natural reaction of the girl is to back off. She’s not ready for that sort of “me and no one else’ pressure. She doesn’t want to be hounded.
Second, it’s true that a lot of girls – particularly girls who have never spent a lot of time with a guy that treats them badly – are attracted to the guys that treat them badly. All I can say here is, if she’s not used to being treated badly, she won’t appreciate being treated well. The only women who seem to appreciate being treated well are those fed up with being treated badly.
Third, and related to both of these: Fred is right that girls like to be pursued, but they also like to pursue. Most don’t like it when they realize they’ve already made a conquest without even having to try. When she said “no”, you should have immediately asked out another girl – preferably a girl at least as pretty (or prettier in at least one obvious way) or one whom you believe she is in some sort of competition with. Even if you were turned down by the second girl, she would realize when she heard about it that you were not going to wait forever – that you have a limited shelf life, and maybe she should consider getting you while the getting is good.
I don’t know what kind of arrangement you have regarding homecoming, but I would still consider asking someone else if that is an option. Her seeing you devoting your attention to someone else might make her think twice about how nice it is to have that kind of attention.
Finally, you mention “I talk to them a lot”. That’s not necessarily a good thing. There’s definitely something to be said for “strong and silent” or just “mostly silent”. Too much attention is smothering, and too much talking tends to end up sounding like, “me me me me me” or – worse, if you’re incessantly asking her about her – “step on me, spit on me, I want to be used, I’m worthless, how would you like to use me” etc .etc. Dogs satisfy that need.
One of the best ways to get a girl’s interest is to be seen by her when you’re on a date with another girl – especially with a prettier girl.


Two things….
First, you sound like a nice guy though a bit eager. Maybe that’s good and maybe that’s bad. Mostly it’s just where you are so no use beating yourself up about it. Girls are not royalty and no one really wants a princess.
Second, pampering puts a lot of pressure on someone, especially at this point in your lives. It could be a lot of issues like she wants some challenge, she feels a little overwhelmed, or she just doesn’t feel it. The last you can’t do much about and you are going to have to be mature enough to let it go (at least for now) if that is the case. The other two are actually easier if somewhat painful to control.
No one is saying you should change yourself and I am sure there are plenty of women who enjoy good looks and money, but if you think those are the best ways to measure yourself you are likely to find the kind of women who like to be pampered and really do not have much substance.
My recommendation? Well if you want to avoid being squeezed like a lemon then stop jumping into the juicer. Stop trying to buy with money what takes more charm and time and personal effort. Your money is a crutch and combined with your looks you are having a hard time understanding how this girl isn’t all over you.
Also, give yourself some space and let whatever happens happen. Many will say give the girl some space but that is putting her in control of your feelings. Start to look around and spend time with others you enjoy and let her in if she wants in but remind her now and then you still have interest.
This last part is tricky. Reminding her that you are really into her is a bit much but be mature and tell her how you feel from time to time. If you feel like she is not responsive you need to respect that and find something else to do. DO NOT do things to try to manipulate her like be sad or pout or be angry. The best you can do is be yourself and make your feelings known.
When you do make your feelings known do it at opportune times but do not plan to do it. If she has interest, times will appear but if she does not you will be forcing at a time she is backing away. Communication is also not to be manipulated. Tell her when she seems receptive or when you feel you need to but do not make big plays or remain silent unless that is truly called for.
Finally, get over the fact that looks and money may sound like enough but are actually minimal when it comes to love. How she perceives you can be adjusted but if you have to pretend to be someone else to get her you should probably save yourself the heartache. Self confidence does not come form looks and money. In fact some of the most insecure people have both. It comes from overcoming issues like these and realizing you are still OK. By the way, remember you are OK.
In short, communicate your feelings directly (never use her or your friends), don’t build her up too much, don’t tear yourself down too much, and only commit a little more than her. That way she knows you have interest but you are not a puppy. Then see who else is out there. Don’t mentally commit yourself to this girl if she only shows casual interest.
Good luck.


maybe she’s not interested . don’t turn into a stalker, let it go.


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