Home Discussion Forum Please help me find a Native American sweat lodge near Dallas Texas?

Please help me find a Native American sweat lodge near Dallas Texas?


  1. Oh, don’t do that. As far as I am aware, the whole ‘sweat lodge movement’ is run by con artists who know nothing about actual Native American spirituality or tradition, yet claim to be expert spirutalist or ‘gurus’ so that they can get people to pay them obscene amounts of cash to sit in their ‘lodges’ for a few hours and have some sort of personal epiphany, and perhaps spend a night or two camping out in ‘teepees’ afterwards. It’s about as real as the “Kabblah” training that celebrities are paying cash hand over fist for in Hollywierd. So, you will be paying quite a sum of money for nothing more than con man’s magic and lofty feelings. Understandably, Native Americans are upset that they, as a group, are being hijacked so that some scam artist can commericialize his sauna and rip ignorant rich people off and endanger their lives in the process.
    If they were just taking your money for inflated feelings, that one be one thing. At some level, I could say that what said con artists are doing is morally reprehensible and wrong, but, at the same time, the suckers that go to them without researching first are almost begging to be parted with their money, anyway. However, locking yourself in a sweat lodge for several hours with a ‘guru’ who, ultimately, has no fraking idea what he is doing is dangerous. People have died in those things.

  2. Why?
    Sweat Lodges are mainly involving New Ager type beliefs. Did you people not learn from the Sedona disaster last October? These people are not Native. Period.
    If you aren’t Native, or you weren’t invited by a Native you have no reason nor right to be in a sweat lodge…
    …especially if you are with other people who don’t know what they are doing or what a sweat lodge ceremony really means to certain tribes.
    I don’t think you realize how offensive these “retreats” are to us; imagine if say…all Jewish people started wearing the holy cross upside down on the back of their pants saying that this is what Jesus did; Jesus was a Jew and they are Jewish, so they must be right. Sounds ridiculous, right? Same thing.

  3. I really have to agree with scaerdrys.
    If you find a sweat that isn’t run by Natives or is in an area that isn’t heavily populated by Natives, than its probably not legit. Remember that no real Native would ever teach a non-native their traditions. The Sedona thing was a real tragedy, fake wanna-bes like James Ray are sick. New-ager crap will get no one anything but hurt. If your really serious about wanting to find a sweat lodge with real Natives, I suggest you go to the source, most likely a reservation (know that you will never pay for a sweat, EVER!) Like mine, my people are regular practices of the Sweat Lodge, its like church for us…. every Sunday. However, you will have to travel a long distance to find a real one. We have people that come every summer to sweat, I’ve met people from Germany last year…. Good Luck and don’t be fooled.

  4. i find it amusing that so many non natives are anxious to have a sweat lodge experience when many of us natives, myself included would never think of it since it is not our traditions.

  5. As a non native that has had the pleasure of doing a sweat as well as a spirit walk , my fiance is native american as well as I grew up just outside of a reservation . You really need to be invited , for you will never be charged for these practices , but a donation of what your heart feels is right would never be denied.


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