Home Discussion Forum Please help me astral project?

Please help me astral project?

I have been practicing, and I have made it to where it feels like I am vibrating. Any tips?


  1. I agree with Jared. Take some LSD.
    However, I disagree it being a removal from reality. Psychotropics are a way of exploring reality in a fundamentally different way and gives us a greater knowledge of the true nature of existence.
    If you wan to astral project, you’re gonna need DMT. Other than that, don’t bother trying. You’re not going to.

  2. Here’s a real good tip: Stop opening up your mind to allow demons to come in and possess you. That is exactly what you are doing with this evil astral projection!
    I speak from from a firm foundation of experience in this matter. This type of Eastern Control method comes straight out of the school of satan and into ignorant open minds. When I say ignorant, I’m not talking about stupid. Ignorant simply means “without knowledge”.
    I became interested in astral projection in college when I was messing around with Buddhism and other evil Eastern Philosophies. Back out now before you become an object of great interest to demons! Your very soul is at stake!

  3. Just continue as you were before the vibrational state.
    Concentration is the key….
    Being near sleep is difficult but we can do it.


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