please help interpret my tarot reading i did for myself?

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i asked what is in the futre over the next year for me and the cards i got wew 4 wand reversed as my past card my present card was the devil and my future card was ace of pentacles reveresed what does thsi mean?

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Sweater Hippie® (is Italian) JBC

…. and so this kiddies is why the Wiccans say not to do the reading for yourself…..
ok, I’m not into these, but I think you might want to have someone else read it for you.

Breanne W

well I study christian numerology
4 deals with wisdom or structure, reverse would be lack of structure
Devil means an evil presence
Ace deals with destiny, reversed could mean missed destiny or negative destiny

Grim Fandango

I would interpret it as you randomly drawing colourful cards with pretty pictures on them. I would also suggest that you promptly throw them away and buy a real pack of cards for a good game of poker.


If you are new to Tarot, then I suggest not using reversed cards until you have more experience just to make it a little easier. The Tarot deck can answer any questions without using reversed cards, they just add more content to the Tarot dictionary.
The 4 of Wands is about a time of prosperity and reaping the fruits of your labour. Reversed would mean the opposite, a lesser effect or a twist in the interpretation.
The Devil is about materialism and addiction.
The Ace of Pentacles represents the pure essence of health and wealth energy and as an ace could represent the beginning of something. For reversed meaning, see above.
It would appear that you are on a path self-destruction and need to get your priorities straight. Please let me know if this makes sense.


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