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Please help! i want to learn to see auras! 10 pts. to best answer!!?

im 16 now and i’ve always been curious about peoples tlk of seeing how people felt. i believe maybe seeing someones aura will help me in the future! thankyou!


  1. The only way I know of is to concentrate on someone, with a blank wall or like, a white board, behind someone. If you focus on not so much them but their outlines, you can start to see a color that surrounds them, usually a few inches off of their bodies. Their specific color determines their emotions.

  2. i don’t think an aura is something you can actually see. its more of something u can feel. like when u close your eyes and you know someone is standing behind you without hearing them

  3. sorry auras cant be taught its a condition like color blindness or any other psychic talent well you can learn body language you cannot change the way your eyes work

  4. You can’t learn to see auras, you can either see them/ sense them or can’t.
    What you can do is pay attention to peoples body language and tone of voice, that should give you some insight on other peoples moods.


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