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Please give me tips on improving my magic the gathering deck?

4x Lim-Dul The Necromancer
4x Blight Speaker (I use this for dueling against Prevention Decks If not I use Waning Worms)
1x Phage The Untouchable
1x Avatar of Woe
4x Dark Ritual
2x Extirpate
1x Damnation
4x Diabolic Edict
4x Last Gasp
4x Terror
4x Dark Banishing
4x Dash Hopes
4x Sudden Death
1x Sudden Spoiling(I dont think I need this card.
18x Swamp
Total-60 Cards

Im thinking of replacing Lim-Dul with Debtors Knell
And Can someone please rate my deck Thanks.
Also give me tips to make this deck better.
Thanks Alot!!!!!!
Oh ya this is a anti creature deck.
just in case.

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I’d take this to the forums on Wizards.com. They can help you with strategy, both with gameplay and the deck itself. Just post it in the right forum. People don’t get mad but they do get discouraged when you post in the wrong forum. I’d say casual play or vintage. Casual will usually get more hits then vintage but I really don’t look in those forums.

prof. hambone
prof. hambone

Well, this deck is TOO anti-creature. The average deck is about 1/4 creatures. This means about 15 creatures in a 60-card deck. You have 22 creature removal spells in your deck, with no way to protect your own. One of the ways to test any deck is to play it against itself. This deck would stall itself on both sides because both sides would demolish the creatures with -4/-4s and -3/-3s, leaving a whole lot of non-black creature destruction against a black creature deck. And, yes– aside from a pretty weak Blightspeaker, you really have no win condition. Also, what… Read more »


This deck is Legacy/Vintage and many decks in those formats don’t play many creatures. You have no win conditions whatsoever. Lim-Dul is a Legend and so you can only play 1 at a time. If Phage and/or Avatar of Woe get killed your deck fizzles. Also, you have too much conditional kill. What if your opponent is playing Black? Terror and Dark Banishing become dead cards in your hand. Dash Hopes doesn’t do anything early game. People will always pay the life. What are your typical matchups? From what I can see you can’t win against monoblue, monoblack, Boros, or… Read more »

Mister Pillow
Mister Pillow

It’s good, it’s just that you’re a dumbass and thus the problem lies within your stategy.