Please explain this to me?

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You find her, she’s balanced, she’s transmitting radiant healing energy, her heart chakra is resonating at a color so pure. Her goals are so in tune with the love of this planet we call home.
From no where this glowing entity rips off the testicles and shoves a dagger through my eye.
Jack Johnson said “Where did all the good people go…”? Are there any?

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elephant shoes

i dont understand this either.. are we supposed to guess what it is?
i guess the sun

rob gomez

wat the F&*%?!?!?!?!
try some purple haze(look it up){420}.. every thing will be understandable then…. i did


Where did all the good people go?
There surely is in human nature an inherent propensity to extract all the good out of all the evil. – Benjamin Haydon
I try my best to take the good and leave the bad.
Warm wishes,


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