Please explain reincarnation in a serious manner?

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What is the general view? Christian do no believe in it but do resurrection. I am really interested in the Jewish belief, as I have heard it is mentioned in Kabbalah. How does it play in with resurrection or being judge at the last day as was Iyov’s (Job) belief. Can you make an argument for it using solely Torah.
What is the feeling towards it, as in Buddhism it is undesirable?

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Heaven bound.

There is no such thing as reincarnation.


Seriously, reincarnation is a satanic lie.


Reincarnation is the concept that an eternal unchanging soul transmigrates to new bodies upon death of a body. This is a belief in Hinduism, as well as a belief if many New Age practitioners.
Buddhism believes in rebirth, which is slightly different than reincarnation, because rather than an eternal unchanging soul, it’s just a bunch of aggregates and a constant stream of consciousness. It’s a subtle difference, but it is slightly different because Buddhists believe we’re all one and interconnected, and that there is no permanent self. Even in this lifetime there is no permanent self, because everything about us changes all the time.
Ending the endless cycle of death and rebirth and realizing Nirvana, which is true peace, is the main goal of Buddhism. Rebirth is not something to be desired, but it happens to every sentient being until Nirvana is attained.

Captain Nebula ALMA

I think Hindus believe in reincarnation, I think they believe that your actions choose what animal you are reincarnated as. Hence why some do not mind living in squalla with rats.
And the scientific theory of an eternally oscillating universe is kind of reincarnation, because if you universe expands and contracts forever something like our present universe is bound to occur multiple times.

Danielle Susskind

You can buy a great book on the subject for a couple of dollars through Amazon: It’s called “Wheels of a Soul: Your Life Today and Tomorrow” by Ray Berg. The description reads:
“This ground breaking book blazes the kabbalistic trail through the uncharted terrain of birth, death, and life after death. This is a remarkable book about birth, rebirth and adventure – the mightiest, most awesome adventure a man or woman can undertake. It is an odyssey that spans not years, but many lifetimes, propelling individuals through centuries of love, struggle, pain and joy. A spiritual process of evolution that only Kabbalah fully explains, giving profound and penetrating meaning to your personal life.”
An excerpt: “This book is about birth, rebirth, and adventure- The mightiest and most awesome adventure a man or woman can undertake. It is an odyssey that spans not years, but multiple lifetimes, carrying the individual through centuries o love, strife, pain, joy and the inevitable acquisition and discharge of the cosmic debt by which the soul ultimately is weighed. This book, in short, is about reincarnation: how it happens, why it happens and where it leads in the cosmos of Kabbalah- a universe viewed in centuries past by comparative handful of Jewish scholars pledged more to the concealment of it’s power than to dissemination of its wisdom.”
Reincarnation is considered by Jews who embrace it as truth and a blessing from G-d.


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