Please don't answer this skeptics, psychic question about auras?

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I already am a little sensitive to the paranormal and I have a little psychic ability. I want to strengthen my gift but I don’t know how. I want to learn how to read auras too. People say meditate but like how?

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Take a look at Astral Dynamics:
You can find a lot of informations about meditation using search engines, simple “google it”. Last suggestion – except meditation, don’t try to use web resources for psychic development, I know from my own experience that the best you can do is to go to Amazon and search for “psychic development”, then take a look at reviews and choose the highest rated book, buy it – no, really buy it, as you can learn much more from single book, than from hundreds of websites around.


I know that you don’t want skeptics to answer but I think I can help you reach the results you want. By believing and having confidence that you do in fact have a gift (which you don’t really), you will begin to notice your “powers” growing. You see the more you can convince your mind, the more your subconscious will find ways of making it seem like you are seeing things or predicting things. Even though you aren’t. The subconscious is very powerful.


Usually it comes to you naturally, you don’t have to see auras to read them. You need to become more self-aware. You can do this by paying close attention to your inner dialogue- the voice inside your head that murmurs messages about your life and your self-image. If you put yourself down, your thinking may drown out what your intuition might be trying to whisper in your ear. It defeats your hopeful efforts at trying to create positive change. Finding the form of intuition that works best for you may help you tap into your abilities more easily. Pay attention to how you normally perceive information, this offers a clue to how you might receive psychic insight.


Read this book:
Human Aura: How to Activate and Energize Your Aura and Chakras (pocketbook)
by Kuthumi and Djwal Kul
Click the link below.

Tia Marie

You are what I like to call…crazy, but the proper term is habitual liar, a person who has difficulty separating fact from fiction. And I’m not a skeptic…you just really are crazy.

The Venusian

Maybe one should become more like a child. As a child I could see auras very easily. I thought it was normal.


Maybe some things here can help
Meditation is excellent for development, as is finding a tool such as tarot, sharing with like minded friends, joining a local group etc.
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