Home Discussion Forum Please can anyone clairvoyant tell me when my baby will arrive?

Please can anyone clairvoyant tell me when my baby will arrive?

Been having daft pains for about a week now and not been off the loo for about the same!!
Surely she has to be coming soon, anyone who guesses right gets best answer and lots of lovely points he he.


  1. Look..A clairvoyant will not be able to tell you this without meeting you. Certainly not over the internet probably not even in person unless they are one of the VERY SELECT FEW that are accurate.

  2. Lol Donna…… you really are desperate. I’m guna guess she will arrive 17.09.2008 coz I bet she can hear you complaining and shes thinkin, “haha, i’m guna hold onto your bowels for dear life and no amount of pushing or indeed clarvoyancy is guna shift me”. Besides, why would she want to come out, it’s fffffffffreezing!

  3. why are you asking us this lol we cannot tell you when she is coming the midwifes will have give u a rough due date baby will be here when she is ready to mane an aperrance congratulations though to u on your baby she will be here but in her own time as ur near the due dat eits between then and now u could go over the due date but just hang in there lol


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