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Please ask away and you shall be healed?

I was born in June 1962 , my height is 6.2 15 years ago my stepmother gave me a haircut in New Mexico and she discovered that I was marked with 666 on the back of my head( I was not born with this mark, it possibly came during my NDE). I went to a tattoo place to have them removed. I had chest pain 17 years ago went to a heart checks() everything went well except that I got weak later on and died on the table. Was dead clinically for several minutes(had a near death experience) but came back right before they put me into the frozen morgue. Doctors don’t know why I did not have brain damaged. That happened in Paris France. Later on I discover that I came back with a healing gift. I consulted once a priest and told me to leave as he felt that I was evil. Am I the Anti-Christ?( I rarely heal but I can heal anybody , any condition , just ask and you shall be healed). I am trying Zen Meditation as quite often I feel depressed. Thanks


  1. Hello. Are you serious? I do not believe you are the Anti-Christ. You have a pretty amazing story. I am pleased that you are trying Zen meditation. Hopefully it will help improve your mood. If the above story is true, then I would suggest you be evaluated by a Psychiatrist. I will assure you that you are not the anti-Christ though. Good luck to you.

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