Planning out my Book of Shadows?

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I am starting a book of shadows for my new wiccan lifestyle (i have been ewsarching for over a year and have decided that it is right for me) and i am a person who is really organized. So seeing as your book of shadows is suposed to be a reflection of you I want it to be organzed too. I have a plain spiral notebook with notes in it but it is absolute chaos and I want to organize it into sections. Type it on the computer, print it on nice sttionary and then put it in proective binder sheets in a 3 ring binder so i can keep adding to it while keeping it organized. I was just wondering how other people have theirs organized so i can start tyring to figure it out because right now I am just so confused on how i want to do it you know?

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LaVeyan Satanist

my girlfriend and i just use a notebook that we’re drawn to and pen


My sister has actually built and bound a leather book full of blank sheets. She’s assembling her book without any organization at first, and once she’s happy with everything she’s gathered she will organize it and transcribe it to the leather bound book she made.

M. G. McGonagall

Don’t print it out of the computer.
Neatly write it yourself into the notebook. That way, your natural energy will pass on to your Book of Shadows. It is, after all, a very personal item, and you must connect with it.


Yes, the three ring binder is the best idea. Try and just do handwriting, as many people believe that the act of personally writing your BOS is beneficial (rather than printing it), but it’s up to you.
Here are some section ideas…
Table of Contents
A page of ethics or beliefs (such as the Rede)
Gods and Goddesses
Logs of magical workings
Poems (the Charge of the Goddess is a good one)
Correspondence charts
Anything you feel contributes to your growth


That’s perfect. Keep all the ritual material up front (and move the information for the next sabbat or esbat to the front where you can access it easily) and have sections with reference materials (photocopied out of books or printed off the internet), a spell record (what you did, how and why you did it, and what the results were), recipes, and so on. You may find that the reference book rapidly gets big enough to demand its own binder – I know mine did. Things like the Charge and the ritual material passed on from your teachers should be copied by hand in the most legible handwriting you can manage, but there’s no reason things like herbal correspondences and astrological tables can’t be printed out.


The way you have yours planned sounds just about right. Remember that this is your book and you can make it any way you want (including printing it out). Many practitioners do in fact use sheet protectors in their books, and many have binders keeping them organized (like me, I have a 2″ binder…it’s quite thick and almost time for a new volume).
I’d say put practice pages first (like set-up of altar and materials section, spells and rituals, correspondence section, a section for herbs, stones and the like, and a section for record keeping), then after the pertinent information you can put other things like a journal, stories and poems that you enjoy or write, a section for articles you collect on your path, divination section, a section for miscellaneous information that just doesn’t have a home, lol, etc…
The sky’s the limit on how to organize your book. Just flip through your book, make a listing of all you have, and place them into sections and there you go. Have fun with it.
Good luck.


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