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placement of a heart chakra tattoo? [don't answer if you don't know the chakras please :)]?

i’m getting a heart chakra tattoo i just don’t know where to put it. i was thinking my inner wrist, i don’t really want a tattoo on my chest. its going to be green, the color of the heart chakra and i’d like it in a place i can see [not on my back or anything] anyone have any ideas?
and if anyone has a heart chakra or any of the other chakras tattooed on them, i’d love to see the pictures

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  1. I know the chakras…and Ideally it would be on the back…across from the thymus gland/heart. On the wrist is fine too, but you might be ” putting your heart ‘near’ or ‘on’ your sleeve” lol
    the wrists is very cool, esp. the inside of the wrists. it is considered better to put it on the right, you could alternate it with the other wrist having the crown chakra…

  2. I want a heart chakra tattoo too, but I want it on the inside of my left wrist. I originally wanted the word love there for the write love on your arm campaign, but I believe the heart chakra is more befitting and have a greater meaning.

  3. i just got mine done last night and at the oldest tattoo shop in the US, lol, plug. I decided centered on the back of my left arm on level with my lower heart. I love it 🙂 Good luck!


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