Pineal gland telepathy telekinesis?





Things has been weird for me i when i go to sleep i have this feeling as if im falling
and now i can feel vibrations in my head is it signs of telekinesis or telepathy ?


  1. Yeah, that’s actually pretty normal the vibrations in your head is a common sign of DNA activation. You should really look into it; it’s really interesting.

  2. Probably not, but your description is similar to a self hypnosis technique where a person imagines them self free falling and then makes suggestions to them self. It works better for some people than others. Perhaps you’ve stumbled across it and are trying to put it to use without knowing the name or purpose behind it.

  3. no, I think you are merely experiencing normal hypnogogia. The pineal gland does regulate sleep by producing melatonin. Before its purpose was known it was promoted by new agers as the psychic organ. However, this myth has long been dispelled as the purpose of the pineal gland became clear.

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