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Pill-less way to help a very old lady sleep?

How can I help my mom sleep? She’s 95 and while she can fall asleep, she usually wakes up about 20 minutes later. On some occasions she can sleep straight for an hour or 2 hours the most, but she never gets the 8 to 9 hours of sleep she needs and used to get years ago.
She used to be on sleep medication but her doctors will no longer allow he to take any because they make her dizzy and confused; after taking the sleeping pill, she would get up out of bed and walk around only to fall and had to be brought to the hospital twice for this. They are also afraid that sleep medication may interfere with her breathing, plus she has kidney failure(20% kidney function).
So what can I do to help my my mother sleep that doesn’t involve pills or chemicals? Also, why do the elderly have so much trouble sleeping? Is it because their pineal gland no longer produces melatonin, our own natural sleep hormone? Would light therapy help?


  1. My remedy for this is echinacea, natures natural feel good medicine that helps lull the body to sleep after relaxing your mind and body.

  2. Read her Twilight.
    Sorry, I couldn’t help myself, but on a more serious note, I’d suggest playing her soothing classical music or other soothing recorded sounds, such as the sound of a babbling brook. I know this isn’t medicinal, but it is psychological, and I’ve found that it works for me.


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