Pictures of meditation/pillow/chill-out rooms? Any ideas for decorating/color?






I’m turning a small, spare room into a “zen zone”. I already know I want lighting that adds ambience to the room, painting it a purple or teal, and putting a canopy and lots of pillows in it but so far that’s about it. Any other ideas to make this space really nice to hang out and meditate in? Thanks in advance!


  1. Here is a little advice on Buddha statues which you might want to have in your Zen
    Buddhist meditation area. Plz patiently read
    Generally in the Theravadan tradition, the Lord Buddha is depicted without head dress or adornment as he is considered a mortal man, any head covering would indicate his normal hair.
    In the Mahayana tradition he is depicted with a head dress or crown as he is considered a God or God like.
    The depiction of the fat laughing Buddha is Chinese in origin and his depiction has many Chinese attributes from Taoist influence. This Buddha image is not considered as a true Buddha by the Theravadan or Mahayana traditions. The mainly Taoist Chinese include this image as one of prosperity and good luck, neither of which has any bearing on the Lord Buddha’s Dharma or teaching.
    In the Theravada tradition, the Lord Buddha has His eyes nearly closed as He is often depicted meditating and it is this message to us that meditation is so important which is so prevalent in the Dharma.
    The image of The Buddha is neither worshipped nor prayed to, but Buddhists merely show respect by having a thankful attitude for the teachings in the Dhammapada.
    In my meditation zone, I chose to have a thin Buddha which has his eyes closed as he is depicted meditating, and it is this message that is most important to all Buddhists from all traditions of Buddhism. Remember, as you probably already know, that the Buddha, and his statue is neither worshipped or prayed to, but we merely show respect, and are thankful for the teachings of The Buddha.
    Hope this helps some,
    With Metta {loving-kindness & friendship) !

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