Picking up on a higher self or Concous?





Idea of Alternative Universe and a Shadow Atom/energy particle? what do you think?
First Thank you for taking the time to read this..i need insight…and opinions and thank you approaching it with open ears for that is a open mind , everyone is a student and teacher. so thank you for reading what i have written bellow. i need help on a theory tell me what you think.
A theory on the Universe/Universes and a possible law/laws. SO here we go on the theory
Conjoined Overlaying integrated Polar/ Infinite alternative Universes is that the most likely chose. atoms of another universe come into this one and on the atomic level or smaller it mite be possible see a overlaying shadow atom / or particles in a atom to prove it.
Concept theory below.
a shadow atom/ energy/ particle with it in my theory is a atom/energy from one of these universes or all, some are more dominant then others. and they are everywhere and are in everything and are interacting with our universes atoms and energy particles.
If the Infinite amount of Universes with Infinite different on different levels or severity or non severity event that do or don’t happen on a individual bases that will effect the masses(ex life or death moments). like a drop of water it does a ripple that is only effect that pond of glass..
Then there is a you who has reached the lowest or highest potential, knowledge, and enlightenment within a greater or lower rate of time then you in this universe. And it is possible to tape into that universe if and feel that knowledge through the idea of a shadow atom/energy/particle or what is inside that a atom on the smallest level those the atoms of the alternative universe or universes..
this Universe walks the line that is why it is gray not black or white measured on a certain unknown event difference scale of measurement.
there is also a chance/possibility for the human mind to pick up on “instinct” by a choice of self preservation moments of self defense or offense based physical or psychological action taken by others. Well here is a different take the human mind is able to tap into those shadow atoms/particles to reach the highest amount of knowledge, consciousness, or spiritual enlightenment.
I think the LHC at C.E.R.N will prove my theory right or wrong when they Analyze the energy Qutom Mechanics. but what do you think about this theory is possible the universe or shadow atom/energy theory or both and how and why, and why not? Is It possible to reach a higher potential to tap into the higher level self of intellect/ consciousness or spiritual enlightenment through it when the particles of other polar universes interact or exchange energy particles with our universe and so we pick up on these things? or maybe there is a small percent that picks up on in frequently or smaller?


  1. I’m no expert about Quantum Mechanics that’s for sure, but you should read a book and see a movie called ‘What the Bleep’ which is all about Quantum realities. I know that at least one Quantum theory states that everything that can happen in the universe does happen–that all the infinite possibilities that can result from choice are being played out in different universes simultaneously.
    If there are many universes then it is logical that there are places and ways for the universes to interact, but it’s important to respect that they are being maintained as separate universes and not screw around with that–different forms of matter being kept separate. And you know about the theory that these supercollider experiments could create a black hole here and annihilate us all?
    Certainly human beings possess various levels of consciousness and there is a a way that happens. There may be ‘shadow particles’ at work in the picture, although I don’t think that there is ever any one explanation for a phenomenon, I do believe that the physical is penetrated by the invisible spirit.
    You might want to spend a little time making your theory a little more clear, what you have written makes some sense but I think it could be made a little more understandable–read it back and see what I mean.
    Lots of people will make fun of you, don’t let it get you–you know about those different levels of consciousness at work! If you feel this is your calling then stay focused on it.
    I have often wondered if what we perceive as ‘ghosts’ in this life/plane of existence are really some kind of quantum signature left by beings who intersect with us from another plane of existence. I am familiar with the experience of being able to ‘sense’ when a friend of mine has been in the same place as I have (one example hospital emergency room hours later) just because I have intuition, and I have wondered if I am not sensing some kind of ‘quantum signature’ left by someone familiar to me. I don’t even understand completely why I use that phrase in my mind to explain the phenomenon, it is just what came to mind. (Before I answered your question, I mean, I thought of “quantum signature’.)
    So I guess to sum up my response to your question: I can see how it would be possible, even probable, to expect that the various universes that exist have a relationship with each other. We are just beginning to learn about what that relationship means, and I could see your theory about ‘shadow atoms’ or particles being possible. But to tap into our higher self, we don’t have to wait to understand what particles are at work, we should just pray, because that energy is the unifying force at work.
    Really, watch ‘What the Bleep’ there are quantum physicists who discuss this…get the movie and book at Amazon or wherever you can.
    Keep thinking, stay positive. 😉

  2. Aleister Crowley posed that the various deities, demons, angels, etc. were nothing more than various aspects of the human mind given expressive form.
    You are not reaching out to any higher consciousness, simply exploring the inner world of your own mind….which can be as complicated as you choose to make it.

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