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Philosophical teachers and self-help motivational speakers?

Hi, y’all. What do you think about motivational speakers such as Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and books like “The Secret” and “A New Earth”.
How have these teachings help you?
I’m a seeker btw. Been believing in similar stuff for years.


  1. My current teachers are Eckhart Tolle (both books), Byron Katie, and Genpo Roshi – Big Mind Movement. I have also read all the Conversations with God books by Neale Donald Walsh. Very good.
    And many, many other books with varying degrees of interest.
    I’m not so keen on Deepak Chopra, as I’m not sure about his personal motivation (money?) Wayne Dyer I think is good and Louise Hay I read a long time ago, but find Byron Katie wiser now.
    The Secret is quite dangerous. It implies that you can sit on your bottom, and get what you want. Bill Harris, who is one of the speakers in this movie, is critical about it as he said his many of his words were edited out. He actually says that you have to DO something, have goals while you are maintaining a positive focus. Byron Katie is also critical of the Secret because she has a philosophy of accepting reality rather than being at war with yourself and fighting it. The Australian speaker in the Secret is actually a con artist! I am not comfortable with Jack Canfield showing off about the price of his mansion.
    For other personal growth and relationship studies, Harriet Lerner is brilliant. Then there’s Stephanie Dowrick… it’s so exciting!

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