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Philosophers: Why do we seek for happiness if it is only in our consciousness?

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  1. Happiness is not where you end up. Rather. It’s where you start.
    It’s a journey bro. It’s not a result. Happiness becomes part of a person.

  2. Consciousness is everything! It’s not “only” in our consciousness. You’ve created a question by minimizing the importance of our emotions, detaching yourself from our irrational feelings and viewing it as objective. For the human, the consciousness is a highest priority. It is the most unique and productive part our race.

  3. Most people seek happiness because it makes them feel a lot better than seeking depression or anxiety or just plain old negativity. Besides, as a previous poster said, “What have we got besides consciousness?” Dreams?

  4. This word ‘consciousness’ is a thoroghly misunderstood one. In the true sense consciousness , also called awareness, is just a witness to things that is happening to the body and the mind. Mere witness. It is the tricky mind that hijacks this Consciousness and tries to make it own up happiness or sadness. We tend to believe this to be true but it is not. If one can have the knowledge about the self one will understand that Consciousness is independent of happiness or sadness .

  5. Hi Third P.
    Our consciousness is basically who we are, in its simplest form. It is our awareness of everything, our senses. It is everything we experience.
    What we seek to experience is enjoyment, pleasure. That does not necessarily mean anything wild or extreme; it can be quiet pleasure. It’s enjoyment of our senses. And our senses seek pleasure, i.e., happiness.
    Happiness is not a bad thing; it is also not something that lasts forever. That is where many people go wrong. They seek happiness as if it were a state of being that could be reached & maintained. It’s not.
    I believe that what we should seek as a continuum is contentment. I have reached that level, and I am very grateful for that. It took many years & a lot of hard work to reach this level of peace & contentment that stays with me. It was only by learning to stop seeking happiness as a constant state that I was able to get to this level of contentment.
    I think of it as a straight line. That line is contentment. We live, on a daily basis (if lucky), along that line of contentment. Then there are days where the line spikes up into the realm of happiness. We enjoy that until it passes; then we return to the constant state of contentment. There are also days where that line dips into lows of unhappiness, pain or sadness. We experience that, also, until it passes. Then we again return to that constant line of contentment.
    The mistake that so many people make is believing that happiness is the state of being that we should be living on a constant basis. Because they never reach this, they remain unhappy.
    If they stop this meaningless search for constant happiness, they may then find that their lives please them, that they are, indeed content. If they reach this awareness, they are lucky. It is a great gift to have contentment in one’s life. It is then that we can truly enjoy the moments of happiness, when they occur, and tolerate the moments of sadness when they occur.
    Everything we experience is in our consciousness. That means we are awake & aware of what is happening to us, what we are feeling. If it were not for our consciousness, there would be no contentment, no happiness, nothing. It would mean we are not even awake to these feelings or any other.
    Seek contentment; happiness will follow.

  6. Yes like my page says hehehe happiness is inside of us no person or thing or object ourside of ourself is going to make us happy we do that for ourselves :))))))))))))))))
    Happiness is inside :))))

  7. The search for real happiness is man`s goal in this temporal life. It`s not only in the consciousness or in one`s mind, but it is shown in one`s aura.

  8. Because my consciousness is subject to abuse and my consciousness extends beyond this skin.
    The Will is positive, the Judgment is negative


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