• interesting that ‘The Great Awakening’ begins with each one of us becoming aware that we are indeed awake ;-])
    thanks for sharing

  • to get to know yourself is truly a long long way. you have to decide whether you’ll go with the inner or outter evolution of self. I chose inner … and consequentially I lost a lot of material abundance because I don’t care about it … but on the other side … I feel happier than ever. also … inner evolution is the only one that goes with you into the next world … outter evolution is for the sake of this dimension and will always remain here. Adonai

  • You know, I related to your comment, and used to believe that it was truly ” a long way,” until one day i realized the joke is that it’s right here all the time.

  • yes! we are the nerve cells of the Earth! like the amebocytes of a sponge
    we are the crew, therefore the ship is ours to care

  • Just brilliant: >>”…There’s a character in the story and that character is sort of real because it’s there. There’s this me that I can tell stories about but then there’s the me that’s just watching the story and that’s the really me…” I think ConciousTV is doing a great service for humanity!

  • QUOTE from VIDEO: “How can I communicate, share with you, in such a way as you feel loved?” So beautiful! About 22 min in Russell mentions that his path included A Course in Miracles! Russell is so incredible. What clarity! Please share this.

  • One of the best and well rounded talks on awakening that I have ever seen. What a great job you guys are doing!

  • To me this proves that the media, corporations, governments are purposely misguiding our true selves for their own gain! This is criminal beyond doubt.

  • Peter is extremely lucid and effective authority on the subject…and although

    i do not agree with everything he says , i feel this man is wise……

  • an end to consumerism,, but long live knowledge and learning,..peace, food, warmth and love for everyone

  • We live on!

    we never die!

    we have been created for a purpose but who or what purpose is still a big mystery.

    do we take this body’s form when we die? NO!
    do we get reborn into objects of this planet YES!

    is awaking understood today by the west? i don’t think so 🙂

  • They are power-over institutions as opposed to empowering. I have recently watched some documentaries about the transhuman movement, it’s interesting to note how the western esoteric tradition has expressed itself as a technoligical bludgeon to reduce others as inferiors throughout history. A willfull act of power-over (war being the most obvious expression) rather like the old testament as opposed to the new. One looks out for power, the other in.

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