Personal preference?






Wands/staff, athmane/sword, I’d like to get your takes on it. And yeah I know that the staff and sword are used in ceremonial magick and wand and athmane are used in more widespread magick workings.


  1. Put all of these thing away and get something much better than all of them combined.
    A personal relationship with some one who will lead and guide you into all truth. The Holy Spirit, God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. What? Are you for real? I didn’t know there were people who took Wicca seriously. Sword sounds cool though.

  3. Actually, my teacher told me nothing was needed. It’s proper for Wiccan ceremonies I believe. I did find a wand that called to me, but I’m not allowed to use it yet. Apparently it’s a bit too powerful. 🙂

  4. You answered yourself – it’s all about personal preference.
    Some rites and paths use prescribed items, and that’s part of their makeup. Nothing wrong with that.
    But in general – it all comes down to what works best.
    Personally, I not sure I’ve used the same set of tools twice in a row. I go with what fits my intent and what “feels right”

  5. Yes it is personal preference. With that said, depending upon specific traditions you would use one over the other.
    I have used all depending upon what I was working on, but now-a-days I prefer to use just me as it works well like that too. 😉

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