perhaps you can help me to understand these words…?

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i am trying to understand these passages and if you feel like reading and commenting your help will be appreciated.
“The chief feature of Karma Yoga is ‘non-attachment’. A man who follows the methods of Karma Yoga must practice non-attachment always, and in everything, whether to good or to evil, to pleasure or to pain. Non-attachment does not mean indifference. It is a certain kind of separation of self from what happens or from what a man is doing. It is not coldness, nor is it the desire to shut oneself off from life. It is the recognition and the constant realization that everything is done according to certain laws and that everything in the world has its own fate. From an ordinary point of view the following of the principles of Karma Yoga appears as fatalism. But it is not fatalism in the sense of the accepting of the exact and unalterable preordination of everything without the possibility of change whatever. On the contrary, Karma Yoga teaches how to change the karma- how to influence the karma. But from the point of view of Karma Yoga this influencing is an entirely inner process. Karma Yoga teaches that a man may change the people and events around him by changing his attitude towards them.
The idea of this is very clear. Every man from his birth is surrounded by a certain karma, by certain people and certain events. And in accordance with his nature, education, tastes and habits he adopts a certain definite attitude towards things, people and events. So long as his attitude remains unchanged, people, things and events also remain unchanged- that is, corresponding to his karma. If he is not satisfied with his karma, if he wants something new and unknown he must change his attitude towards what he has and then new events will come.” – Maurice Nicoll (pg 251-252)
thank you for any responses you have to make.
i appreciate you all sharing your true self here… i am practicing non-attachment to the answers… and it is good to see you Sunman… brothers and sisters… i am listening to this song while i contemplate your thoughts… so i will share it with you… xx

Phil Collins – Another Day in Paradise
i received a message from another user asking me to explain which part i did not understand… so here is my clarification. Karma Yoga is something that i am beginning to work on understanding… and i knew that if i posted this question with non-attachment… perhaps the concepts of non-attachment would become clearer to me. indeed, i find this to be the case. i have studied these words carefully, typed them out, and read your replies. i am still working on ‘groking’ the concepts… but i appreciate the ‘feed back’ that you have given to me. i sense that there is much truth to this idea of non-attachment to the outcome… (surrender). hope that makes sense.

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Sounds like the worst philosophy possible. I hope you follow it because you clearly belong together.


Salaams is arabic. It means peace, but the people that I read about using it don’t really mean peace when they say it. Hope this helps.


it means that one must come to accept everything the way it is in one moment. if a pen is on the left side of a desk in one moment it can only be on the left, it can’t be on the right. accepting and understanding that it can only be the way it is in this moment allows you to change your own attitude towards the current moment and change the next moment. (a “moment” is not used here as a measurement of time.) Life is a series of moments. we have the power to change anything as long as we change our attitude towards it. Buddah said “all that we are is the result of all we have thought.”

☼ GÆ–Æ¡ÏŽ ✞ Ñ ÉªÎ·Ç¥s ☼

Salaam ratia.
I am not familiar with the words; “Karma Yoga” although, I am with the actions you explain here.
“Non-attachment” to me is not allowing the “drama” to overwhelm and/or overpower your person and your life. To recognise and overcome that which is negative and harmful to your well being.
We must also not allow ourselves to become consumed with indulgence of things that is pleasing to ‘self’. One must remember; “Everything in moderation” – balance is necessary in all things.
If you want change, you must be willing to change ‘within’ first. When you change self, everything and everyone around you will conform to this change. When this change is good and positive, all will resonate in harmony.
Peace and Blessings


Blessings. Karma Yoga shows us the way by which we can become conscious of our true Self . When we are detach within karma then what the result come we accept it with relax mind and it not make us suffer bad for good on the mental level dees not matter it make us suffer on physical level bad but this physical level suffer help to understand the reality of the creation and unstability of the material things which is body itself too. Then we becomes relax on the mental level and this is Vairagya. Through this all we save lot of energy which could be consume for nothing. This energy use in the brain for other development. This development of the brain power help to be stablish and unite and when it is getting done is called karma yoga
The meaning of Karma Yoga, Yoga ‘to be unite’ or ‘when one thing stablish in other’ and Karma is action.
Karma Yog, to be stablish in Karma is ‘Karma Yog’? Or being free from karma to use the karma is Karma Yog? So, here I can say, leberation through karma is Karma Yoga. Or in otherhand, detachment of the karma and it’s result is Karma Yog. Karma Yoga means not to be away from Karma ratherthan being away during karma. That means, no any human beings are no any time free from Karma. Every human beings are in the proccess of Karma according according to their character created through nature. Karmaa are not take place through body. Body is the just medium. Karma take place through the mind. Mind intiate the Karma, Mind give the order to the body. By doing Karam body is even detached from Karma. Mind do karma. Mind suffer good are bad what comes out through its Karma. Body is quite but mind is thinking every moment. Then how we can make this karma as a medium to becomes liberate.
Then there is developed one theory, that we can get intrest in Karma and with doing karma we not to be attach with this Karma, called Karma Yoga.Infact, every Karma, from every kind have done through the character of nature even thoh whos inner part becomes proud from self igo for doing karma, such kind of knowledgeless person think, I am doing Karma. Character of nature(who have itself three qualitities) are panchamahabhuta(sky, air, fire, water, earth) mind, itellect, ego, five karmendria, five subject are in group called Guna vibhag and being try of above is Karma Vibhag. To divert separate spirit from all above is to know tatva In the subject of all the senses hide the love and hate. Human beings should not be undercontrol from those subjects because they are the disturbing enemy in the way of achievement.There is the great message from holy Upanishad, that, all the things from the universe or beyond the universe what we can proof, these power to proof and what we are proofing is all because of the God and no any single particle is separat from him. To think this ideology and always memorise on God. take the thinks from nature or use the subjects of the senses only how much you need to fulfil you duty without ataching.
Think, all the things are belongs to God, I, also belongs to God. He gave this everythings to suffer so, I should not enjoy the life through sensual activities ratherthan I use my sensual organ only to complete my duty to being ideal person and pray to God to giving senses that I can remember my God who is only stable. By doing as mentioned above, desire to complete your life with happy mind and then the karma will not tied you and you will be free. Otherwise there is no any way to come out form this agony of the material world


Hello Ratia,
My understanding of your question is rather simple, since it is very much along the lines of Taoism of which I have studied and practiced, the ‘non-attachment’ being akin to the Taoist idea of ‘action through non-action.’
In essence it is referring to ‘changes’ within the individual, this can only happen through developing ones psyche. In this way, one change’s inwardly, which then manifest outwardly upon others and influences them; like a ripple in a pond. It is really about the psychology of the individualisation process, through the development of ones psyche and in this respect is a mirror into one’s self, which illuminates higher consciousness by means of overcoming the current situation on a higher level. Thus, by understanding the ‘invisible’ transformations within an individual and the ‘visible’ transformations without, the ‘inner mirror reflecting,’ one is better equipped to understand the world in which one lives and those around us. There is here a hint of Taoist philosophy in that the individual aligns the currents of inner changes to the currents of those occurring without.
However, I would not have you dear friend misunderstand me here, for while I speak of understanding oneself and therefore the world in which we live, I do not believe this path can ever be ‘fully’ attained, not in its true sense, that would be perfection, and as humans, we are anything but perfect. You see, while the mystic writings may tell you how to find the real you, your true spirit, I would echo an old belief. – There is not a single person who knows their ‘true-self’ and that the only time one is likely to ‘fully’ understand such, is at the very moment when one stands before the Lord God Almighty and the ‘real you,’ as God sees you, is revealed at long last. It is for the above reason that I say one can ‘only’ gain a ‘measure’ of wholeness. And remember one important thing; there is always the element of the unexpected in life, no amount of understanding of Karmic laws will change that, indeed the more enduring lessons in life are often learned the hard way.
The whole piece you cite was put very simply by our Lord Jesus:
‘Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven,’ Matthew: 5.16.


consider yourself as you answer questions here….do you demand the asker choose yours as best answer every time?
(I think you just love interacting and sharing and helping)
how about when you star others questions….do you demand they star every one of yours?
(I think you just love affirming and encouraging and inspiring)
what about the thumbs rating… you demand a thumbs up from anyone who reads your answer?
that’s non-attachment, my friend, and it is the very attitude adjustment just mentioned in the quote, but you need to ask another question:
(What is ‘attitude’ the result of; and how can I choose my attitude?)
—–don’t forget; attitude is the fruit of the spirit.


i am trying to change my karma but some elders and the people change my karma according to their benefits not allowing to see a better world for them and for me yu think karma yoga really helps.i don’t think so it is all a myth and nothing is the creation of the mind of the individuals according to their goals.


Salaams dear brother Ratia. This is exactly what I ‘needed’ to hear today. This is exactly what I was questioning for some time. The recognition and changing of the attitude is a big key. And to understand it and apply it to our lives comes with lots of practice. I felt like this was speaking to me right now. Thank you for putting this here ! The rest is up to us to change within ourselves to make a better world for us and others. Its said, ‘change your thoughts and you change your world’. :))
Many blessings…

leather mall

Karma is a composite word which has different meaning in context to which it is spoken.
1) It means Destiny, what thoughts, words & actions you have performed in the past have borne fruit today. You are the sum total ( your Attitudes, your Beliefs, your Convictions) of your past Karma
2) It also means Action, the thoughts, words & action you perform today will bear result/fruit tomorrow that is future destiny. So if you don’t like your life the way it is going now, change your thoughts, words and actions accordingly so you can change your future. Our outer world is the result of what lies within our mind. If we change our inner world, our perceptions of the world, it will reflect in our outer world.
So Karma is not fatalistic, in fact it puts the onus of future fruit in your today’s actions. So Karma lies in your hands. If you perform action based on the Laws of the Universe as your duty, then you shall bear the fruit appropriate to your actions performed.
‘Non-attachment’ means doing your duty without any expectations to the fruits of your actions. Because if the result we get which is not congruent to the expectations we had, we shall be disappointed, frustrated, angry, depressed. etc. That is where Karma Yoga comes into picture. It means you do your duty (perform action) to the best of your ability but without expectation of anything in return. If positive results accrue, you are not jumping with joy, if negative results occur you are not sinking in sorrow. You take everything with equanimity of mind.
That my friend is Karma Yoga

insight out

I am that part of the message that doesn’t need to explain.


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