Perhaps God can not intervene?






God dwells in the eternal spiritual world and man dwells in the temporal physical world. Adam ( man ) made this choice, not God. We chose to live as mortal beings instead of spiritual beings. It was our choice. Perhaps God can not enter into this temporary illusion of man’s. Can a parent enter into their child’s nightmare? No, like God all they can do is attempt to awaken the child. I believe God is constantly trying to spiritually awaken us.


  1. Perhaps we have free will…I happen to think we do…and that means that we get to make choices about all kinds of things going on in our lives, both matters big and small. It’s common for people to assign very human attributes to God (i.e. God is sad, mad, angry, vengeful, depressed, hateful of gays, etc.). I think it says a lot more about the people saying those things than it says about God. I do not know what God’s limitations might be, but I do know that we all, believers, atheists and everybody else, all do have the capacity to be kinder and more loving human beings. That’s a choice that we get to make, and how much of that capacity that we choose to utilize is up to us, not God. Even if it should turn out that God doesn’t exist, we can still live with ever-more love in your life…and that’s more than its own reward.

  2. Hmmm…your theory of how we ended up living on the physical plane differs somewhat from mine, but I tend to agree with what you said as far as…”Can a parent enter into their child’s nightmare?, No, like God all they can do is attempt to awaken the child”…and I too believe God is constantly trying to spiritually awaken us.
    As Robert K, said we have free will.
    God tells us, we simply have to choose again…no harm, no foul.
    To intervene is to not allow free will, and it would validate what is NOT real in the first place.
    Interesting question…Thank you.

  3. It has to do with the old saying about giving people fish versus teaching them how to fish.
    If we learn how to break out of this mental prison then we have the ability to move on. Like the bird breaking out of the egg it is necessary for their development NOT to be helped in that process. Intervention means they have struggles later in life. For us, if we do not learn the path to enlightenment and then break out of our captivity then we will have problems later in our future development and it is crucial that we do this on our own. I’m not even sure that free will is involved in this rather than rudimentary knowledge acquisition.
    I’ve been using the Secret CD to re-charge every month. IN fact, I’m ready for a refresher course today I think. EAch time I play it I get some new insight into something. For me, it’s a great trigger, and I owe most of my current enlightenment to many years of books and Fate introducing me to interesting people, but most of all the Secret. I think it was around page 166 when I had an epiphany and everything made sense, all at once. I had thoughts like that when I was 19 and then again at 31 and then again at 49 but this one stuck and I use the CD whenever I feel like I need a boost of energy. I recommend it to everyone and I have actually watched as people read the book and listen to the CD and I can see them waking up little by little. It’s the most awesome spectacle. It’s like watching a bird hatch and it reminds me that I am constantly learning more and more every day. The more I learn the more I realize that I don’t know anything. Life is great. Such an experience. I’m wondering what new things I’ll learn today as I feverishly rush to get my tax forms caught up before I learn about govt leans … I do NOT want to learn that lesson right now.
    Happy awakening to all and good luck.
    Peace, Love, and Light!
    I AM

  4. interesting belief. So do you believe that when we die we are spiritually awakened by default or by our temporal lives?

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