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Perceived as an Idiot. Is it good or bad ? or does it matter ? Even Albert Einstein was perceived like that ? ?

Albert Einstein’s younger age stories reminds this. Plus when he became adult, he told the Carpenter to make two holes on his lab wall for both his cats to go in come out.
Does Idiocy glorify one more than belittling ?
What are your thoughts ?


  1. “Does Idiocy glorify one more than belittling ?”
    That theory falls apart when we consider Bush.

  2. Are you seriously comparing yourself to Einstein because people laugh at you? Okay then. And now we know why people laugh.

  3. Everyone loves the idea that people thought Einstein was dumb, as though that puts them somehow on his level. That annoys me.
    Being perceived as dumb can be good and bad, and irrelevant. That’s my thoughts.

  4. God often chooses the folly of men to glorify him self, Albert Einstein could not remember his phone number, he wore the same suite everyday, etc

  5. Cat holes? And that makes him an idiot? Jeeez.
    “You can remain silent and be thought an idiot
    or you can open your mouth and remove all doubt.”
    A wise man said that.

  6. Why, it’s a good thing. Just think of how much more you can get away with when people think you are an idiot.

  7. Genius always appear to be idiots in the eyes of other lay persons. They have their total concentration on one point on which they are working and they ignore all other aspect that is when they are helped also to rediscover things in nature. it is also kind of meditation. so there is nothing like belittling any one.

  8. It can hurt someones self esteem, even if they are not an idiot but just a misunderstood genius, particularly if they are young. We are social animals and generally take others opinions to heart even if they are your average joe incapable of recognizing or worse yet lashing out against brilliance. Now a chicken and the egg question. Do extra bright people get pushed into themselves by insecure and mean spirited peers who target them or do people get extra bright by spending much of their time alone in books?
    Edit: If the taste buds are not developed to appreciate the flavor, they won’t appreciate it.

  9. It is all relative! it does not matter who says what about you! finally, nothing succeeds like success! if the pudding is good to eat, it is good!

  10. Bhagavan Sri Sathyasai Baba says,
    “The inner voice is another name for the Buddhi (intellect). Man is guided by this inner voice in the conduct of his life. Whenever problems arise, he awaits the directives of the inner voice. If satisfactory answers are not forthcoming from his inner voice, he will have no satisfaction in life. In other words, one’s satisfaction with the external world is a function of one’s satisfaction with one’s inner world, represented by the inner voice. Sometimes you hear people saying, “My conscience is not satisfied, or my conscience does not approve of this”. Here, conscience refers to this inner voice. Only when you follow the dictates of your conscience can you reach the right destination.”
    – BABA

  11. So-so, because human need wide variety for progress!
    Keep it simple and all become just interesting and then no matter is it good or bad.
    Important is how useful it is for as tomorrow!

  12. I do not sway with the opinions of others about me. I know myself very well and remain well satisfied with this knowledge. Others will judge me according to their level of intelligence, which I do not care at all.


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