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Ok…so this going to come off pretty wacky. I am not a superhero, nor do I think that there is anything particularly ‘special’ about me. But the other day I had solid proof of something very ‘metaphysical’ happening between the love of my life and myself. I’m a bit older, she is a bit young…yet occassionally we ‘roll’ together bout once every other month or so, in our house, with another couple who are close friends.
Ever since back in the days of ‘trippin’ and everything…one time while doing this I truly became aware of the ‘metaphysical’ world that exists and connects us to each other and to all other things in the universe…a revalation that has since morphed the way I look at everything…Well one thing that I truly believe in is the flow of energy in the universe and through myself as well…and one thing that I have concentrated on is being able to manipulate the energies within myself.
Sure it can be all theory, but not only have I healed an Ex from a life long pain in her neck, I can concentrate away intense pain, and even heal myself from bad injuries faster than any doctor can believe. But the other night was the topper; while ‘rollin’ where I was on a lot, and my girl was on a little, we layed down on the carpet, chest to chest, and we started petting each…While doing this I had a thought about this energy connection thing that I felt I could do…and so I held my hand roughly 8-10 inches from her back, and started concentrating, very intensly, on connecting this ever growing heat in the center of my hand to her, and surely enough my hand grew to an almost painful heat…and wherever I moved my hand across ger back, she could feel a warm tugging…said she got the ‘chills’ when she first realized what I was doing. We did it for about 20 minutes or more, and then moved onto doing something else. The next day I made mention of it. She said she never met anyone that could do that.
This is something I wouldnt even tell my parents or family about cause it would be too wierd for them.
So tell me, what do know about this?

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  1. us humans have energy and electricity running through our bodies and there are substances that can enhance our awareness of them

  2. yeah, become a Buddhist already dude. You’re a natural.
    *rolls eyes*
    (Only a Buddhist would get all freaky about energy in their hands while a hot babe is right under them being all nubile and such)

  3. Your mind and even the minds of our friends can be emotionally moved to feel all sorts of things. If tested, as these things are and can be tested, and you proved to have any sort of power, it would be the first in the history of this world. I have an open mind, do you have an open mind to the possibility that it was not actual power, but the power of suggestion?

  4. I really didn’t need to know about your sex life…..you could of left that chapter out.
    BUT……back to the question, we all have spiritual gifts within us, but about 99.9% of the people do not even know what to look for or even know how to use them.
    I have spiritual experiences, and have for many years, but It took me along long time to even know what I was dealing with and learn how to use them. They are spiritual gifts, that the bible speaks of.

  5. if you can do it when you are not on any then it is real, but if you have to be on some then it is b.s.


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