People with ESP (extra sensory perception)?





I need to know names of people who have or claim to have some sort of ESP. It could be that they claim to read minds, or like see the future, move things with their mind…anything beyond the ordinary five senses.
I’m doing a research paper on it…I need famous people, or people I can research.


  1. My name is Kelsie.
    I have been told I have psychic abilities, I have shocked people with my mind, I am clairvoyant, various other things too. Why do you need names?

  2. You should do your own search on line. Just type in the areas you are interested in.
    Great books of the topic exist : Ingo Swann’s books on esp
    Targ & Puthoff’s book “Mind-Reach” is a classic
    Pick topics that have been covered recently, not the old stale information from 1970s and before. Read Paul H Smith’s book “Reading the Enemys Mind” It is going to be a classic in the remote viewing field and a classic on the “Star gate project”. Paul is basically the historian for the Intelligence community for this area of research. And, he has some valuable tallents in that area also.

  3. My name is Brant Coyle. I believe I have been recently promoted from psion general to guildmaster. I believe that I got Obama elected and later helped the republicans take control of the house. I am currently looking for a job. I control a faction within the group known as the New World Order. A faction they don’t know about. Most of them anyway. Its funny how I got promoted. It seems that most of the members of my group don’t like to make decisions, so the job appears to have been there for the taking. One benny is that I don’t get peppered with alot of questions anymore and my consultants have better personalities but as far as I can tell the job is unpaid. No I am not crazy. Not usually anyway. I will say that I am usually more productive when I am actually crazy.

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