Home Discussion Forum People who see Auras? How you can see what colour yours is?

People who see Auras? How you can see what colour yours is?

How do you see your own aura?
is it possible?
what is an aura, is it energy?
is it really just the colour against another colour and something with your retina?


  1. an aura is basically a cloud of energy that represents the person it belongs to (health, emotions, personality) you can see your own by looking in a mirror, or just looking at your hand. there are ways to train yourself to see them.
    please don’t listen to anything bearclaw says. he is very closed minded

  2. Seeing auras is caused by retinal fatigue (eye strain from staring to long in one spot) or as a symptom of a medical condition such as epilepsy or migraines.
    There is no evidence to suggest that they are anything but a visual hallucination.

  3. If auras were real, there would be constant elements to them, representing (as someone else said) health, energy, etc. that would be verifiable as constant factors no matter who looked at them. However, every single so-called “aura reader” will give differing OPINIONS on what your aura looks like, what color it is, how charged it is, whether there are circus ducks and kewpie dolls swimming in it, and so on and so forth. Therefore the existence of “auras” is highly questionable, and there is absolutely NO scientific evidence of such, beyond what a supposed “medium” tells you – and about that, as they say, “There’s a sucker born every minute” , from the late great P.T.Barnum.
    Not closed-minded, just unwilling to be suckered by anyone who cannot provide substantiated PROOF. Got proof? Let’s see it. Run it through a double-blind test per the scientific method using test and control subjects, and film it.
    Sure you can “train” yourself to see auras, pink elephants, dead relatives, gnomes in the garden, Herve Villiachez in a yellow tu-tu and any other hallucination your mind can rationalize from fantasy to “reality”.

  4. everyone can see an aura. and everything has an aura, living and nonliving.
    The aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds the entire body.
    This energy can show you were someone is hurt, not feeling well, sick, and other things.
    The best way (my opinion) is to first feel your own energy.
    To do this, first rub your hands together in a fast motion (think really cold, and your trying to get warm) and then once warm, or tingly, slowly pull them apart and push them together ( without touching) then slowly pull back and then slowly push back together, do this as many times as you can a day. and with practice you will begin to feel the energy a lot faster then you used to.
    Then once you’ve got your hands down, try doing that, and then move your right hand over your left arm and go up and down over it and see if you can feel the energy on your arm. this might take more practice.
    Then once you’ve got feeling pretty down packed, then just hold your hand out and gazed above or around your fingers (don’t actually stare at them), just simply look, don’t force it (that’s hard), usually most people see a kind of white around their fingers, but in time and practice, and a lot of patience, the colors with appear.
    then once you got feeling and seeing the aura down, you can learn to heal! :)! thats the best part, healing people and making other people happy :)!
    okay, well, try these things and get back to me. and rememeber that old saying “practice makes perfect”, this is so true, not just in this, but in everything.
    )0( Blessed Be )0(

  5. I second Bearclaw: let’s see it on film. Your eyes pick up visual light, so if your body is giving off light discernible by your eyes, it is in the visible spectrum and therefore can be filmed. Sorry people – I have yet to see anyone have the “Glow” except Bruce Leroy Green in “The Last Dragon”. ROFLOL.


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