People who have done a past life regression?

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my friend wants to do this past life regression thing with her, but i being a skeptic that i am, is afraid that it’s just a scam..but at the same time, i think it’d be cool to have it done. i’m just concerned about the money cos of how expensive it i would like to get some opinions on this..have you ever done a past life regression and was it a good experience? was it really worth the money?

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noone has….what a crock….dont do it….ick


I like beans.


More than likely its a scam….


there is no such thing as “past lives”—-it’s a hindu belief and hindu beliefs are not compatible with the teachings of Jesus—-THEY CONTRADICT—!


only the ppl who need attention come up with that crap.


I don’t know. Maybe it’s real. Maybe not.

Darth puppy

No it is not worth it. It is pure grade A male bovine excrement.


Don’t waste your time and money.
After all, no one ever gets told “well, this is the only life you’ve had yet.” That’s because if they told you that, you wouldn’t go back and give them anymore cash.
They just want your money. They don’t do anything but either make up stories, or hypnotize you and implant suggestions. Just like those who do cold readings and prey upon the bereaved, telling them they can talk to their dead loved one.
It’s all an awful scam.

Rev. TomCat

Yes Most definitely it is real. I have had two done professionally by a family Doctor who specializes in Hypnosis and Past Life regression is part of his practice. If you can find a demonstration at a metaphysical Book store, you can save some money. That was what my first experience was and did not cost a dime. The second time was at his office and was more involved and tape recorded in a sound booth. That one was $125.oo. If you write me, I can send you some notes from each account. Money often times is an obstacle to keep us from learning. Like Jesus told the rich man, you have to give up your money and follow me. That is faith. I’m not telling you to go out and spend a lot of money. I promise you it is real but is subjective because I can only share the events. My wife has had it dome too was we both spent time in Egypt and Israel in those past lives.
Rev. TomCat


I am trained to do clinical hypnosis and have done age regression both as the subject and as the therapist. But past lives is something else and frankly I don’t believe in it. What would it serve you to know? Now I will say that in one of my own ventures back to early childhood, which by the way can be pre-verbal, I had a vision of myself dressed in a white monk sort of outfit walking around a circle with a fire in the middle. I have no idea what that was. So maybe I did have a past life as a druid or something. Basically I think most of what we see in these sorts of visions is similar to sleep and symbolic. You may see something and think it is a past life, but it is only your mind giving you symbols of unconscious issues. Personally I would not waste your money. Better to give it to the poor if you have that much to spare.


my friend i was a skeptic and its good to be that way because when u see the truth u will believe it don’t worry about your friend i have had a past life regression myself it cost 100 pound which is dear i know but it was very up lifting and opened my mind up to more and more questions about life and the truth of everything i couldn’t tell u if it was true or not when i had one but i also could not Dennie it either images came into my mind and i know i wasn’t dreaming it was very very strange but Trippy cool if your into spirituality like me an your mate but be careful mate look into this person who’s doing the regression and make sure they not coning u make sure there credible and all will be sweet peace and lite be wive u my brother and with urs

Tamara S

A past life regression is when you go under hypnosis and remember what is interpreted as your past lives. Past Life Readings are when someone who either believes they are psychic or wants you to believe they are psychic tells you about what they “see” are your past lives. I have been trained in hypnosis and have done past life regressions for people. When you are paying for a past life regression you are paying for the practitioners time and expertise. This means you should do your research and make sure they know what they are doing and asking a fair price for their services. If you aren’t sure about the person then don’t do it, not because it is dangerous but it will most likely be a big waste of your time and money. You can do your own past life regression with the use of hypnotic tapes made for that purpose which would probably be less expensive. However, sometimes having the person right there to help you work through any blocks or fears can make the difference for you. It is a personal choice based on how much you can comfortably spend and how interested you are.
Keep in mind that the origin of past life “memories” is not known. They could be little stories your subconscious mind put together because it is being told to remember something or because that is how it remembers basic life value choices. It could be memories stored in the collective unconscious of humanity. It could be half remembered dreams mixed with movies, and books read in the past. It could be actual lives you lived previously. There are many theories but no proof and no way to proove what they are.
Even if you go and bring up some interesting memories, keep in mind that those memories are not anything but interesting stories. They may give you some insight into the workings of your mind but are proof of nothing.


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