Home Discussion Forum People who claim to have died and come back to life?

People who claim to have died and come back to life?

and they say they saw heaven, or god, or a tunnel with light, or WHATEVER. What do you think really happened? Do you believe they “saw” it because it’s real? Or because it was in their subconscious mind and that is what they *think* they are supposed to see? That it was just a dream while they were on the brink of death?


  1. If you slow down the effect of turning off a television (maybe not lcd and the like) you will see what looks like a light at the end of a tunnel in the center.
    I think its like that, you just show more notice.
    I fainted once, was out for almost three seconds. In that time, i swear i watched 6 minutes of the simpsons footage flash by.

  2. I was technically dead for 2min before they revived me. It’s a mircle that I did not suffer any brain damage or heart damage and I have regained most of my enegry three years later. You want to know what it’s like? NOTHING.

  3. God will give all mankind a warning in the coming years. You will be shown a view of the interior of your soul as he see’s it. It will be both magnificent and terrifying. Jesus is returning in our lifetime.


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