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People who can see Auras: What do they look like?

I can’t see auras well (yet) but I really want to know what they look like…colours, movement, anything that you can see.


  1. I see them sometimes. They always appear as either dark gray or light gray to me. However, I’m convinced it’s an optical trick my brain is playing on me and not something magical, because it totally depends on lighting.

  2. I don’t see auras, but I did briefly date one girl who said she could see auras. She said that my aura had a lot of gray in it, which is supposed to indicate a lot of sadness and emptiness. I do have problems with depression, but she could’ve deduced that from just observing and talking to me. She also smoked copious amounts of marijuana and seemed pretty disturbed herself.

  3. It’s easy to see. It’s the various colors you see surrounding things when you relax your eyes. Some people believe that you can get a “reading” off of them by relaxing and meditating and listening to your intuition. Some people begin to see other things, like faces, in them. Whether there’s any spiritual significance is up for debate, I suppose.

  4. i saw someone’s aura once. i tried it just to see if i could. it was really neat. his happened to be violet. but i haven’t really been into it since then. i was just curious and once i figured it out, it wasn’t so intriguing to me anymore. i still think it’s neat, i just haven’t had a reason to worry about it. it looked like a hazy color all around his body. like a light.

  5. Hello Cranberry
    Meditation is a good route.
    Don’t always expect to see auras with the physical eye.
    Auras are often seen within the inner mind or third eye, they can also been seen as messages or words or even feelings.


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