People who believe in reincarnation?

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I think it is very interesting belief and I believe it could be true but I have a question… What do you think happens after the human race itself ends? meaning the world ends and humans are gone period. Do you think that reincarnation stops after that? Or do you think you will then be reincarnated into something else?

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Saint Bradley

Reincarnation will continue until every person reaches Nirvana in their life and leave the cycle of rebirth. Meaning they will simply be born as some other organism.


we would simply be reincarnated into spirits and roam the ruins of the galaxy.don’t you see, I believe we would become stars.

Jennifer S

This is not biblically supported. Also, it would mean that at the end of your life you go without judgment which is against everything Jesus and the bible teaches

Wage Peace

I think reincarnation is comparable to transferring energy. When you heat the bottom of the pot to boil the water, the energy is heated and transferred to the pot and then the water.
When we die, I think our energy is returned to the universe and becomes a part of something else. Good energy gathers together and bad energy gathers together.
Eric, your thoughts are unique. I just want you to know that you are very normal. Much of what you are talking about in your questions are familiar to me. Do you find the writing is helpful?


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